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May 02, 2016

Drum Selects Epsilon Co-location Service to Boost Web Meeting Service

Drum, a developer of applications for telecommunications companies, has selected Epsilon’s co-location service to help expand the reach of its Drum Web meeting service.

In this arrangement, Epsilon will offer its expertise as a communications service provider to Drum, which will connect the various features of its web meeting platform (messaging, WebRTC support, screen sharing, and more) to the core Epsilon co-location service. This means that Drum will have a set of servers, storage, and networking it can use to grow and, as Drum CEO John Logsdon said, can rely on to provide a high quality of service.

“Quality of Service and reliable underlying infrastructure is critical to the success of WebRTC and any real-time applications,” Logsdon said. “Epsilon demonstrated they understand not only the traditional voice world but the rapid innovations currently developing within browser-based applications and communications services. As our Drum instant Web meetings continue to grow, we appreciate Epsilon’s ability to deliver QoS at scale.”

The recent announcement points to Epsilon’s decade of experience as a co-location provider. It has gathered a number of networks under its wing – enough to connect this meeting service to more than 500 operator networks in more than 170 countries. Epsilon’s experience as a telecom has also led it into international partnerships such as that with Wananchi Telecom that pushed many African businesses into the same collection of operator networks previously mentioned here.

Drum will focus on using that extensive network to give its own clients access to a number of communications tools that assist their Web-based meetings. Drum’s platform begins by utilizing HTML5 and WebRTC to create a full-featured space for collaboration within any compatible Web browser. It then doubles down on that proposition by providing links to PSTN calls, document sharing, and integration with popular productivity apps such as Slack. Drum meetings can also be recorded and played back at any time.

This sort of functionality requires a reliable, powerful network as its infrastructure backbone. This is why Drum has turned to Epsilon. When quality of service means everything to customers, it only makes sense to create partnerships that will allow voice, video, and document sharing to persist without delay or jitter. Clearly, both Drum and Epsilon believe this partnership will achieve exactly that goal.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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