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May 10, 2016

Telinta Rolls Out White-Label WebRTC Solution

Telinta offers white-label cloud-based solutions that enable telecom service providers to offer VoIP services without deploying their own billing and operational support systems. The company has recently unleashed a flurry of announcements, which included news that it is now launching a white-label WebRTC solution.

WebRTC is a technology that enables real-time communications without the need for special client software.

The Telinta WebRTC offering allows VoIP service providers to deliver inbound and outbound calling via a multi-language web-based portal. It works in prepaid and post paid scenarios. The Telinta portal offers a prepaid balance indicator and the ability to recharge prepaid balances.

“Telinta understands the tremendous growth potential for innovative new VoIP services like WebRTC,” said Alex Ferdman, CEO of Telinta.  “WebRTC is one of many highly reliable white-label services that Telinta customers and their resellers can offer under their own brand.”

The company’s new solution also can support call forwarding, call screening, voicemail, and more. Call history, messaging, and phone book can be featured as well. And the WebRTC offering can be integrated with existing Telinta solutions, which include calling cards, hosted PBX, mobile VoIP, pinless, and residential VoIP.

In his upcoming June column in INTERNET TELEPHONY, Phil Edholm of PKE Consulting LLC talks about how it is becoming increasingly clear that real time is going to be the next big thing for the web.

“The examples are all around us,” Edholm notes. “800 million Facebook users on Messenger and more than 100 million video calls. Snapchat bought Add Live and is adding real time as a more personal value to its social platform. Other apps like Uber have used integration to the PSTN through platforms like Twilio to add traditional telephony, but more and more, the communications are actually in the web.”

Edited by Peter Bernstein
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