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May 16, 2016

Solgari Takes Aim at the Office Landline

Dublin-based communications provider Solgari announced last week that it will be launching Solgari Connect, their take on Real Time Communications. The service is compatible with many browsers, including all of the most widely used ones (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari), and allows for instant voice, video, and instant message communications.

One of the features that Solgari believes will make their service preferable to other similar providers like Skype is the ease of use. Unlike Skype, there is no standalone application that needs to be downloaded on a computer in order to use Solgari Connect; it can be done right within the web browser. This will be a big draw for companies as it will save hours of downloading applications onto every single computer in an office and having to set up credentials for each user. Solgari Connect simply is much less of a headache.

Another key benefit of this product is the consolidation of information. In the past, people looking to contact a business would have to find their contact information online and then enter the number themselves on a phone. With Solgari Connect, people can with one click of a button place a call through their web browser, adding just one more level of convenience.

Clearly, Solgari believes that Connect can change the business landscape forever. “This service is a telephone killer, make no mistake,” said Solgari CEO and co-founder, John Colgan. “Most of us find and access a business’ contact information via the internet. Solgari Connect WebRTC means users don’t have to change device or even leave the page to start communicating. They can do so instantly, choosing between voice, video and IM, as per their want. We believe this is the first product of its kind anywhere in the world and expect a huge number of businesses to sign up. After which it could lead to them never using landline phones again.”

It is a bold prediction from Colgan, but Connect and other RTC services are already making its impact felt on the business world. It will be exciting to see to what extent his belief will come true.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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