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June 13, 2016

TokBox Interactive Broadcast Solution Delivers Powerful Production Tools

With social media and mobility, the role of media organizations has gone beyond just creating content. The right engagement technology also has to be implemented to bring users together before, during and after a broadcast. The new TokBox Interactive Broadcast Solution for media will give producers the tools they need to create and host their own video-enabled talk shows on mobile and web platforms.

The company said this solution is going to provide broadcast quality scale and reach by allowing producers the ability to embed live video talk shows on their web or mobile sites. It comes with APIs and SDKs that lets developers build bespoke broadcasting experiences and applications for web, iOS and Android.

Sports, entertainment, news and information based broadcasts can be delivered with engagement tools that are designed to address these subject matters with greater customization. Production controls include green room functionality and producer control panel that can be integrated with studio equipment or used with off-the-shelf PCs and smartphones.

With brands such as, MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM), the interactive media and Internet company for Major League Baseball and Fox Sports, using the TokBox Interactive Broadcast Solution to deliver its broadcast, the platform shows it can handle the needs of any professional requirement.

When MLBAM used TokBox, it was able to connect players, commentators and fans in real-time face to face in an interactive broadcast on any device. In addition to baseball, Fox also uses TokBox to broadcast and interact with its audience for the weekly college football show Huddle.

Scott Lomond, CEO of TokBox, said "The live mobile video audience is just getting its first taste of what real interactive fan engagement looks like, and the TokBox media platform offering will enable producers to deliver experiences that have previously been unavailable. The value of true video call-in chat functions for live and web video producers delivers a powerful experience that produces the kind of engagement that brands and advertisers have sought for years."

The technology TokBox uses to deliver the real-time interactions is WebRTC, which makes it much easier to get as many people as possible online watching and interacting with each other because it doesn't require any plug-ins. All it needs is abrowser enabled with WebRTC and user can get on their smartphone, tablet or PC to access the content.

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