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June 30, 2016

GreenJobInterview Launches WebRTC-Supported Recorded Video Interviews

GreenJobInterview was one of the first companies to provide video interviewing solutions for organizations. The company's platform simplified the way businesses could conduct interviews remotely without inconveniencing potential candidates and the HR department. With the development of WebRTC and its increased availability by most of the browsers, GreenJobInterview announced it is going to have a new WebRTC-supported recorded video interview solution on July 1, 2016 with its GreenJob One-Way release.

According to the company, WebRTC will give users a better experience with voice and video calls, multi-media screen sharing and collaborative sessions, which are all essential features to fully engage candidates with capabilities that will let them express themselves without limitations.

Another benefit of WebRTC is the accessibility it provides because it doesn't require any plug-ins or other types of propriety software to use the technology. All you need is a browser enabled with this API and you can initiate conversations instantly with all the capabilities of high-end conferencing solutions.

Ryan Mulholland, CEO and President of GreenJobInterview, said, "With WebRTC, we are adding more value to our product line and improving our user experience. This implementation and other new features released this year help both us and our clients remain innovative, and we will continue to seek new opportunities for delivering maximum value to our clients with the latest technology."

GreenJobInterview One-Way can be used as a live virtual interview platform with its "meet now" feature, or recorded interviews can be delivered and viewed at a later time for full analysis. The platform also has new features including client group hierarchy, Taleo Enterprise integration, email exception lists, exportable reports, live virtual interview templates, auto schedulers for live virtual interviews, international and toll-free dialing, and One-Way interview time limits.

Candidates will also have a better platform to highlight their experience, education and other talents by telling their future employers directly instead of turning in a static resume.

With the system in place, companies can reduce the travel costs and time it takes to hire a candidate. Recruiters, hiring professionals and HR departments can become more efficient by scheduling and delivering live or recorded interviews at any time.

In today's global environment talent can come from anywhere, and remote work is making up an increasingly larger number of the workforce. Being able to conduct interviews with the GreenJobInterview One-Way solution will let organizations narrow down a large talent pool no matter where they are applying from.

Edited by Alicia Young
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