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July 05, 2016

REVE Systems Talks Real Time Web

Real time web solutions are becoming a hot topic across industries today because they are transforming the way businesses and users communicate and operate. WebRTC is not just improving operations, but also driving revenue and creating a perfect opportunity for businesses to adapt new offerings.

At the upcoming Real Time Web Solutions Conference, the key focus will be helping to determine the best path for delivering solutions and more. The event is collocated with Devcon5, the Web and Mobile App Developer Conference happening August 1-4 in New York City.

Silver sponsor and exhibitor, REVE Systems, has a decade of experience working with leaders across the globe to deliver communications solutions and VoIP products. This background makes the company well-positioned to help companies capture and retain market share with a custom WebRTC solution.

 The company will be exhibiting at Booth #5 during the event and offers a WebRTC-SIP gateway that uses WebRTC technology to allow users to upgrade their SIP network and enable it to make and receive audio/video calls from any web or mobile browser.

We recently caught up with Piyush Sharma, team lead, software development at REVE Systems, for his thoughts on the current real time market and to hear more about REVE Systems offering.  

Sharma noted that Facebook is a great example of how real time communications have and are evolving today. Initially people used the social media service to share written communications and then started to share images – and now live video has become the trending thing to do with Facebook. 

“Real-time communications gives users instant satisfaction, makes communication better and people end up feeling happier and closer regardless of distance.”

Since this is becoming an important component for communications, critical factors for planning and running Real Time Web solutions means ensuring multi-browser and operating systems are supported. Support for legacy systems and the ability to combat the problem of different browsers/OS using different mechanisms is key, Sharma said.

In fact, according the Sharma, this is the biggest barrier today to the technology. Sometimes the ‘handshaking’ that has to happen between different browsers to establish a session is a problem. Even the same browser can have issues - for example, Chrome being used on an iPhone & iPad versus being used on Android.

Since we are living in a world where mobile is becoming the primary way to communicate, Sharma said it’s vital for any app to work across mobiles if we want to see success with Real Time.

Check out REVE Systems and lots more on this topic at Real Time Web Solutions Conference.

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Edited by Alicia Young
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