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July 27, 2016

Voice4Net CEO to Speak at Industry WebRTC Conference

Off the top of their heads, experienced information technology enthusiasts such as TMC readers may be able to list a number of industry conferences from memory. For this writer, the Mobile World Congress and Black Hat Hackers Conference come to the forefront as well as the Apple Developer Conference, a list that briefly demonstrates the reach of conferences across various industries and how some specifically serve individual companies.

Enthusiasts may attend their own favorites for the speakers or new gear. One company, Voice4Net, is lending its own speaker, company CEO Rick McFarland, to aid in the attraction of the Real Time Web Solutions Conference (previously known as the WebRTC Conference and Expo), scheduled to take place in the first week of August. He will speak in two sessions across two consecutive days that respectively consider customer engagement and remote learning. Voice4Net mentions that these are panel session, so it appears McFarland will discuss with others during these talks – a point he mentioned alongside his excitement for participating in the event as a whole:

“We look forward to explaining how this technology can elevate the customer service experience and empower organizations to foster brand loyalty and increase business through superior engagement,” McFarland said. “The Real Time Web Solutions Conference is an essential venue to drive this dialogue by illustrating how this technology can help companies transform their businesses.”

August 3, a Wednesday and third day of the event, McFarland will participate in the talk, “Best Practices in Enriching Customer Engagement with WebRTC and Mobile Technology.” The title says it all. He and others will note how companies can use WebRTC to their advantage when dealing with customers. Readers here can speculate that subtopics in the talk will deal with the use of voice, video and web chat as mediums for interaction. WebRTC offers a lot of flexibility for businesses to run their support centers in a way that best meets customer need, so they can spin up all three of those mediums within a web browser or mobile app as they please.

Although customers may be familiar with voice-based support, they may love video in situations where product troubleshooting can benefit from customer and business looking at the same physical product. Similarly, customers may appreciate the feel of web-based text conversations for their convenience and easy-to-find record of past statements. Businesses can even log such conversations to make it easier for customer service agents to recap what was said in past interactions.

August 4 will bring the “Remote Learning with the Real Time Web” talk where participants will talk about the latest distance learning applications available in the market and the practices that drive them. Just as businesses can mix and match voice, video and text, educators can also use WebRTC to make their virtual classrooms immersive in the sense that video can assist with classroom displays (such as interactive whiteboards) and voice and text chat can keep students within a lesson’s overall conversation. WebRTC also has the potential to make screen sharing a possibility because of its ability to transfer data from the education host to remote participants.

The conference will last from the 1 Aug. 1-4, so there will be plenty of other action for visitors to see and hear. McFarland’s participation in these two pieces of the puzzle will help conclude the conference’s options and should make a welcome appointment for any attendees that care about the topics in question.

Edited by Alicia Young
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