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August 03, 2016

IceLink 3 Delivers Real Time Streaming and Development Boost

Real time is transforming collaboration; from healthcare to Elearning and beyond, the opportunities are abound. And the Real Time Web Solutions show taking place this week at NYU’s Kimmel Center has opened the door to the leading edge in Real Time innovation. One company at the fore of this frenzy in development is Frozen Mountain, who chose Real Time Web Solutions to serve as the venue for the release of its newest real time solution: IceLink 3.

At Frozen Mountain, “It’s not just about mobile, not just about browser, it’s about core native platforms,” Ted Venema VP Business Development told me in a recent interview. He continued to note that “We’re finding a growing demand for the use of WebRTC, not just as a peer to client but as a peer to peer client to server.”

The firm architected the internals of its stack, designed completely for the non-WebRTC platforms, and as Venema illustrated, “We’ve layered them properly so developers can use all, or part of the entire stack,” which enables developers “to extract information after it’s been de-packetized before its been decompressed.”

With Icelink 3, “We’ve enabled vast capability so a developer can control what’s going on, and where and how.”  The developer can take something out, and “can actually say, just take this layer without doing any of the decoding and fire it off to a recording server.” The process can then be completed, with video sent out in VP8 or H.264, for example.

Frozen Mountain found a way to provide developers with control over what was once uncontrollable. Venema noted, “We’re going to let you into that stack so you can do the various things you want to do as per the use case you have.”

The Icelink 3 release is a major step forward, but according to Venema it is only the foundation. In the fall, Frozen Mountain will release a mixing server, as it plans to add components on top of Icelink 3 to improve control, ease and functionality.

 “WebRTCis a key piece of enterprise communications needs but not the only piece,” Venema noted. Icelink 3 serves as a key milestone in the real time revolution.

There’s still time to join in the real time revelry; Real Time Web Solutions is running through Thursday. See you there!

Edited by Alicia Young
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