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September 21, 2016

DN Telehealth and Temasys Offer Revolutionary Telemedicine Solution

Real-time communications capabilities are revolutionizing several industries, including healthcare. Patient care is no longer confined to a hospital room or doctor’s office. Instead, doctors, patients and other caregivers can now meet in a fully HIPAA-compliant online environment. Telemedicine startup Digital Noema Telehealth (DNTelehealth) is jumping on this new trend with the announcement that they have integrated with Temasys’ Embedded Real-Time Communications (ERTC) WebRTC platform.

As a result of this integration, DN Telehealth is now able to provide a unique healthcare delivery offering that makes use of Temasys’ secure messaging, screen sharing and archiving capabilities. The solution has found success so far, with 13 customers currently using it. The purpose is to offer clients and their patients the convenience of telemedicine within the context of a fully integrated clinic management, care coordination and remote patient monitoring. To do this, the solution connects with more than 260 available medical devices, allowing it to access core healthcare providers.

Bent Rye, CEO of Temasys, is thrilled that DN Telehealth is choosing to use the company’s system in this way, stating that “Our Embedded Real Time Communication (ERTC) technology fills a significant void in the healthcare industry which has existed up until today. That missing piece was the ability to manage episodes of care in an end-to-end manner, all within a single system, while meeting all the compliance requirements that surround virtual patient care…With Digital Noema's use of our technology, that hurdle has been overcome.” It’s hard to imagine a better use for Temasys’ ERTC technology.

The collaboration between the two companies has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for the healthcare industry, in which clients and their patients can confer in a fully secure, Web browser based conferencing session. The convenience of this type of care is unparalleled; it’s even supported on iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as on all major desktop Web browsers.

So far, DN Telehealth and Temasys’ collaboration has seen success. Their decision to come together has helped several other telehealth companies to virtually reach their patients:

“Digital Noema provides us with the vital link to remotely deliver care to the vastly underserved and rapidly growing elderly population. We're doing this in a seamless and elegant manner as a result of the integration of the real-time telemedicine platform, that's accessible from any platform or device,” said Dr. Antonio Gamboa, CEO and Managing Partner of Elite Patient Care.

On the same note, Jeremy D. Vernon, Managing Partner for Armored Telehealth, said, “Armored Telehealth's work with Digital Noema has allowed us to deploy their unique platform and make use of its embedded real-time communications capabilities. This has provided Armored the greatest flexibility to pursue opportunities in a variety of markets ranging from correctional facilities to home healthcare agencies.”

 Both Gamboa and Vernon are perfect examples of why this kind of technology can be so beneficial when used correctly. By applying real-time communications to the healthcare industry, DN Telehealth and Temasys have successfully helped ease a burden that several doctors, caregivers and patients have struggled with in the past.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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