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October 05, 2016

Oblong Brings More Features to Mezzanine

Oblong, one of the leading providers of next-generation real time communications services, announced today that they are adding even more features to Mezzanine, their visual collaboration solution that goes way beyond simple video conferencing. With these new developments, now more than ever, people in remote locations will be able to feel as though they are right there in the middle of the meeting room.

Mezz-in, the new slate of features from Oblong, makes access to Mezzanine virtual meetings easier than ever before. Now, people in remote locations will no longer have to download any additional software to join into a virtual meeting and can instead simply use their Web browser. They can also control presentations within the meeting room, add new media and other data into the physical boards in said meeting room, and hold conversations in real time. Furthermore, this process is all incredibly intuitive, and can be controlled by gesture-enabled technologies.

“At last, collaboration can happen anywhere,” said John Underkoffler, CEO and founder of Oblong. “Now, remote workers can be deeply engaged, via data, video and voice, in an immersive experience of a real-time meeting from outside the conference room.” These new features for Mezzanine will further blur the lines between in-office workers and those working from remote locations.

Developers at Oblong are excited about the possibilities these improvements to the Mezzanine suite could have. Creating more immersive videoconferencing services ensures less information being lost in translation and more work getting done. This in turn could encourage more companies to hire workers in remote locations, increasing globalization and allowing for greater worldwide collaborations. The boom in more powerful real time communication services is both making the world bigger and smaller: bigger by giving people access to all corners of the world in the blink of an eye, and smaller by more easily connecting people in remote locations. 

Edited by Alicia Young
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