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October 19, 2016

Avaya Launches New Business Communications Platform

Earlier this week, Avaya announced that they will be launching a new platform for mobile business communication that will allow users access to real time communications software from any mobile device. This platform, called Avaya Equinox, is available for download on both desktop and mobile devices, and also on the standalone Avaya Vantage device, which is designed specifically for and comes preloaded with this software.

Essentially what Avaya has done with the release of this new platform is to combine all the various types of messaging services that they offer and consolidate them into one app. Employees can now combine text messaging, voice calls, video chatting, and other real time communications all within a single interface. This is much preferable to being forced to juggle a multitude of communications applications, all with different and confusing interfaces, in order to accomplish business goals.

Another key advantage that this new platform from Avaya offers is the fact that users can access the full suite of services without downloading any additional software. If they wish, users can simply access Avaya Equinox through their native Web browser. This is an especially attractive option for remote workers or those who are on the go a lot and use their personal computers. They can still access all of Avaya’s features without putting additional programs on their computers.

“The vision for unified communications has always been a streamlined, user and IT-friendly experience that enables work to proceed without disruption,” Avaya said in a statement. “Integrating the wide variety of forms and methods of communication into a single flow has been an unmet challenge – until now. Avaya Equinox has conquered that challenge for the good of end users, IT departments and businesses worldwide, delivered by a company with the vision, focus and expertise to define the future of UC.”

This new rollout by Avaya demonstrates the central principles of real time communications. The goal is simplicity and as much consolidation as possible. 

Edited by Alicia Young
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