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February 28, 2017

BBVA Teams Up with Oracle for WebRTC

As we are all well aware, the WebRTC edge is coming. Companies all over the world, both large and small, are looking at ways to integrate WebRTC technology into their every day operations in the hopes of simplifying processes and getting the most out of their workdays. The most recent company to jump on the bandwagon is the Spanish bank BBVA, which recently teamed up with Oracle Communications to bring WebRTC technology to its mobile offerings.

With fraud on the rise and showing no signs of slowing down, the banking industry has been feeling the pressure to validate and protect customer information. As a result, several financial institutions are hesitant to offer services on mobile devices because they’re afraid it’ll open them and their customers up to possible security breaches. However, banks without mobile offerings appear, to customers, to be a bit outdated, as people are used to being able to access information quickly on any device.

“We live in an age of convenience where people can do everything from their mobile phones, whether it is to open a new account or to pay,” said Ignacio Teulon Ramírez, Digital Transformation - Customer Experience Director, BBVA. “We want to provide our customers with services in the way they prefer to consume them, and we want to provide them the best experience possible.”

That need to offer a secure mobile banking solution is one of the main reasons BBVA decided to go with Oracle, other than the obvious WebRTC offerings. BBVA has chosen a solution that offers comprehensive security features that also meet EU compliance requirements for confidential documentation and secure management of personal data, as well as standards for authentication, reporting and monitoring.

In terms of WebRTC, BBVA decided to go with Oracle’s WebRTC Session Controller and Quobis Sippo WebRTC Application Controller as the basis of its new platform. The company reasoned that the technology can be configured easily as well as integrated directly with the company’s existing internal systems.

As a result of these upgrades, BBVA can now provide a secure real-time audio and video experience on a mobile phone or tablet. According to the announcement, “Jointly delivered by Quobis and in partnership with BT, the solution enables BBVA to validate customers' identity so customers and prospects can quickly open a new account. The sessions can also be recorded for compliance purposes.”

“Digital technologies are giving the financial services industry the opportunity to leap forward and provide products and services that match the digital lifestyle of their customers,” said Doug Suriano, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Communications. “Our project with BBVA shows how large banks can differentiate themselves by creating a new banking experience. They have a clear vision and an understanding of their customers' needs, as well as the technology that allows them to innovate while integrating seamlessly with their existing systems.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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