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March 07, 2017

Ecosmob Offers WebRTC Client Software for Various Industry Verticals

Real-time communications across devices and platforms is getting much easier because of WebRTC. The technology removes the barriers of propriety solutions, so users can communicate effectively with browser enabled devices. Ecosmob, a business VoIP solutions provider, just announced it is expanding its communications offering with a WebRTC Client Solution to diversified industry verticals for its local and international customers.

The WebRTC Client Solution has been designed by Ecosmob to boost remote communications on a secure platform delivering high performance and the range of features and benefits that are key for today's businesses. According to the company, it is leveraging the existing capabilities of WebRTC based communications because it is an ideal amalgamation of simple enabled real-time communication and friction-less connectivity.

Once it is fully integrated, industries across different verticals can start using the WebRTC Client Solution for audio and video calling, sharing files, images and screen, and chatting. These features can be used in conferencing platforms as well as on personal computers, smartphones and tablets. The industries Ecosmob will be addressing are, IT companies, eCommerce, banks, insurance agencies, call and customer center, and others.

The use of WebRTC in call and customer support centers has allowed operators to engage with callers because the technology doesn't require propriety solutions. And as more centers move to a an omni-channel ecosystem, being able to use audio, video or text messaging without having to worry about what device or platform the caller is using has made things much easier. This means customers can interact with agents and get immediate, personal support.

Agents can access more data about the caller, such as browsing activity and geo-location. They can also use live assist features to share their screen, draw/annotate on the screen and push files or links to the caller. The information can then be used to provide context-based routing so the caller is connected to the right agent. While all this is taking place, key metrics are being gathered, which can be used to make agent and operational improvements. First call resolutions, call handling time, contact quality, service level/ response time and overall customer satisfaction can be measured.

WebRTC is turning the traditional call center into an interaction center where callers and agents can communicate without any limitations. The Ecosmob WebRTC Client Solution will, according to the company, provide the call centers as well as other sectors with specific industry vertical so they can get the most benefit from this solution.

Edited by Alicia Young
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