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March 14, 2017

Northeast Blizzard Brings Cancelled Flights, Ruined Business Plans

The Northeast portion of the U.S. is currently getting slammed by a massive blizzard that could dump as much as a foot and a half of snow in some areas. Since Sunday, more than 8,000 flights have been canceled. And here in Connecticut, a temporary statewide travel ban remains in effect until further notice.

Most organizations between Philadelphia and Boston are closed today, meaning productivity is at a standstill all across the region. Overall economic loss could total more than $1 billion dollars.

Suffice to say, not everyone is happy about having to take a snow day — particularly organizations that have tight deadlines and demanding customers. Work, in other words, must still go on.   

The storm is a stark reminder of the need for business continuity, particularly in the Northeast where the weather can be severe and unpredictable.

From an enterprise communications standpoint, one technology that can help is Web Real-time Communication (WebRTC) — a set of open source APIs and audio/ video codecs that enable direct, peer-to-peer communication between Internet browsers.

Unlike traditional conferencing platforms, WebRTC does not require any installations, meaning it’s very useful when setting up a quick multi-party conference. All that is needed is an Internet connection and a link to the online conference.

WebRTC can be easily layered onto any website or application with the help of a Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider.

What’s more, WebRTC can enable a rich conferencing and collaboration experience — particularly over the RTCDataChannel API. That API enables direct file sharing between end users. Using this API allows users to collaborate on documents quickly and securely, without having to utilize any third party cloud servers.

“Instead of having to build and manage their own solutions, businesses can easily partner with companies that offer complete end-to-end platforms,” explained Chip Wilcox, CMO of global WebRTC PaaS provider Temasys Communications. “These platforms empower customers to confidently move forward with new WebRTC projects knowing that they will not suffer from quality-related issues.”

Are you using WebRTC to keep your business running today? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below! 


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