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March 28, 2017

WebinarJam Adds WebRTC With Temasys

Genesis Digital, one of the world’s largest providers of webinar hosting services, has made another acquisition to bolster its place in the market. WebinarJam is a platform where users can schedule free or subscription-based webinars through virtual meeting rooms. Genesis Digital announced yesterday that it will be integrating WebRTC technology powered by Temasys into this system. This will allow for quicker and easier communication, not only between presenters and their audiences, but between presenters and individual audience members in a one on one setting if the parties so choose.

The integration of Temasys WebRTC services replaces the previous solution used by WebinarJam, which was powered by Google Hangouts. While this was a cheap option for the company when it was just starting out, the platform is simply not equipped to handle the high volumes of users that were beginning to populate these webinars. With more capital on hand, Genesis Digital started seeking a WebRTC provider that’s more reliable and that can process more data at greater speeds than the free Google Hangouts. Genesis Digital found that solution in Temasys, which has opened up more potential use for WebinarJam than ever before.

“Temasys has let WebinarJam reach its full potential. Being able to split-screen six presenters from Tasmania to thousands of attendees worldwide, in high definition, would be miraculous if I didn’t know how many hours of hard work our and Temasys’ team put into to make this a reality,” said Gideon Marcus, COO at Genesis Digital.“Goodbye Google, hello 22nd Century!”

Aside from the reliability, and high processing speeds, the ease of use of Temasys was one of the biggest draws for Genesis Digital.

“WebinarJam is taking advantage of Temasys’ embedded real-time communications that can deliver instant connections to anyone, without any app or download required,” said Temasys CTO Sherwin Sim. The integration of Temasys into WebinarJam shows exactly what companies are looking for when they seek out a WebRTC solution: speed, reliability, and ease of use. 

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Edited by Alicia Young
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