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April 26, 2017

WebRTC Powers Even the Most Stringent Applications

WebRTC is a technology that allows developers to easily add real time voice and video communications to new and existing applications.

In the past, I’ve written about how WebRTC is helping online retailers connect with visitors to their websites in real time. That way, retailers can demonstrate products via video connections. The retailer has greater latitude in trying to upsell customers. And they can generally deliver a more personalized, richer customer experience.

But that’s just one of many applications that WebRTC helps power. Another involves enabling communications and collaboration at financial institutions, and protecting financial trading integrity in the process.

This solution, from GreenKey Tech, is voice software for teams. It prevents financial organizations from having to invest in new and expensive hardware. And it delivers a secure and industry-compliant solution that enables calling and collaboration, recording and transcription of those interactions, any device functionality, and that is interoperable with existing systems. The company in October expanded on the solution with the introduction of a “turret” smartphone app that enables brokers and traders to have the same functionality on their Android and iOS devices.

“We’re bringing our open-office collaborative experience to clients’ mobile devices, ensuring that market participants stay compliant with their voice and chat messages no matter what device they use,” Paul Kaperak, GreenKey product manager, mentioned at the time.

This solution is just another example of how broadly WebRTC can be applied. And it's a proof point that WebRTC makes sense even for industries and companies with the strictest requirements.

“WebRTC … is transforming the communications landscape by providing web-based video, voice, and chat that can be built into, or embedded into, web and mobile apps without the need for any traditional PSTN calling at all – everything flows over the open internet,” Phil Edholm, president and founder of PKE Consulting wrote in a recently issue of TMC’s INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine. “A set of new CPaaS 2.0 companies are emerging that are focused on this new web/mobile world in which the PSTN is not part of the conversation. New companies like Temasys and Tokbox are in this space, as is GENBAND with its Kandy platform. A CPaaS 2.0 solution delivers all the elements to deploy, including simple APIs, infrastructure, TURN servers, media servers, and even IP transport management.”

Edited by Alicia Young
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