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May 02, 2017

Ecosmob Focuses WebRTC on Education

Ecosmob, an India-based provider of information technology services, announced last week that it will be creating a new WebRTC platform that is focused on childhood education. This solution will be deployed in India, and is aimed at remedying one of the main issues that the Indian education system is facing: distance.

Although large percentages of India’s population are concentrated amongst its urban centers, there are still large populations of young people who are scattered throughout small towns in the Indian countryside. Combine this fact with the relatively high levels of poverty in these areas (which manifests, among other ways, in a lack of possibility for transportation), and it is very difficult for these students to travel to regional schools and get the education they need.

Ecosmob is hoping to help alleviate this issue with its new WebRTC platform. If widely implemented, it will allow children all over India to remotely attend lectures and actually participate in classes, either through a desktop Web browser or a mobile application. This participation can take the form of voice or video communications as well as text-based chat. The goal for Ecosmob is not only to offer these classes in English but in a variety of other languages as well.

Executives at Ecosmob have high hopes for this technology going forward. “We believe our implementation of WebRTC client for child education will raise the quality of education in India. Of course, we are not limited to India and offer WebRTC services worldwide,” the company stated through a spokesman. India provides a fertile testing ground for this service, as it is developed enough to support the required technology yet still rural enough that there is a problem to solve.

Ecosmob’s new solution is yet another example of the powerful potential of WebRTC technologies. In the early stages of implementation, this technology was largely business facing, focusing on communication within and between corporations. Ecosmob is a company in the midst of an exciting endeavor to make the best use of these WebRTC technologies.

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Edited by Alicia Young
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