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May 23, 2017

Businesses See Substantial Rise in WebRTC Use

In today’s business world, there is more national and global collaboration than ever before. Organizations that were once confined to a single centralized hub now have the luxury of spreading out their employees throughout a large area without them losing the ability to communicate and collaborate with each other. WebRTC video conferencing services have made it possible for businesses to hold high quality meetings from remote locations. The use of this service is only continuing to grow.

Meeting time already takes up a large amount of the business day; the National Statistics Council says the average employee spends 37 percent of their time at work in meetings. That large amount of time is only further increased if employees are also forced to travel long distances to attend these gatherings. In the past, this was a necessity, as WebRTC conferencing services did not exist, or were so low quality that they severely detracted from the effectiveness of the meeting. Now, however, these services are becoming more and more sophisticated and convenient, rendering them just as useful as face to face meetings at a fraction of the cost and time. Businesses are taking notice and making WebRTC a central part of their meeting focus.

A good example to illustrate just how much the use of WebRTC has grown in the past year can be seen in Highfive, a provider of WebRTC services to businesses located in California. Last week, it reported that it had provided 12 million minutes of online meeting time to businesses in the month prior. This represented over a 160 percent increase from the same month the year prior. Businesses have said they are using this service for everything from hiring to staff meetings, and enjoy the convenience and the time and money that doing so saves them.

The rapid growth that Highfive has seen in the past year epitomizes the rapid way in which businesses are turning towards WebRTC conferencing services. Smart business owners everywhere are beginning to realize that they can leverage these services to make all aspects of their businesses more efficient, from hiring to status updates to organizational meetings. For this reason, businesses around the world are beginning to fully embrace WebRTC.

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