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February 23, 2018

AsteriskService Releases Enhanced Session Border Controller for WebRTC

AsteriskService has released its Session Border Controller for VoIP network security, featuring several other add-ons, as well. The new addition, part of its WebRTC solution, comes from deep research into exactly what VoIP service providers look for in terms of security, call quality, and issues dealt with daily.

The Session Border Controller is offered by AsteriskService as both software and hardware, based on what works best for the user’s particular system. AsteriskService does recommend its software version, which it says it more amenable to ongoing upgrades.

Features included in AsteriskService’s SBC are:

  • NAT Traversal
  • Acting as firewall, cooperating with existing firewall devices in the DMZ
  • Protecting softwitches from signaling attacks
  • Topology hiding so internal details are not propagated
  • Call admission control
  • Media bridging
  • Fault tolerance
  • Policy-based call routing
  • Signaling protocol interworking (such as between H.323 and SIP, or between variants of H.323)
  • Emergency call handling
  • Codec transcoding
  • Carrier tech prefix insertion/removal
  • Flexible SIP header manipulation

Added benefits of having an SBC in place include connectivity; quality of service, ensuring the best customer service by properly routing calls based on importance and monitoring traffic; media services to transfer media via existing digital signal processors (DSPs); and statistics/billing information. All of the SBC features have been enhanced by AsteriskService to prevent snooping which VoIP traffic is often susceptible to.

In December, the Ecosmob subsidiary announced software development and customization which offers enterprise-grade VoIP communication solutions to international clients.

Are you using an SBC yet to ensure reliability and quality of your VoIP service?

Edited by Erik Linask
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