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GENBAND and Nokia Networks have announced a partnership to combine GENBAND's QUANTiX evolved packet data gateway (ePDG) with Nokia's voice evolution solutions, including Voice over Wi-Fi. The GENBAND ePDG will be integrated into Nokia's Liquid Core portfolio to support multimedia voice, data and vid… - 11/26/2014

Over in Canada, a Taiwan-born developer has brought out a little something exciting for those who were looking for a bit more bite in messaging apps. With Beam Messenger, recently released in beta mode for Android devices, messaging gets a little bit of a step up by showing both sides of the convers… - 11/25/2014

Of all markets in the world, it is perhaps healthcare that demands the most from communication. Doctors and nurses inside health facilities such as hospitals and urgent care centers are always briskly making tracks from one patient to the next. There never seems to be enough time on the clock. - 11/25/2014

In some crazy way, 2014 has already blown past us and is soon coming to an end. While many in the industry will start to look over the trends and innovations shaping the year, one hot topic that is perhaps having its best moment as we speak is mobile shopping. - 11/24/2014

It has been an exciting year in the WebRTC world. The pace of innovations and announcements have been stunning over the past three months, with major names putting their clout behind WebRTC as a standard means for delivering voice and video both inside the browser and via mobile apps on Google Andro… - 11/24/2014

There's a generational gap that I sometimes encounter when sharing phone numbers. After a nice conversation, when it is time to exchange contact information, I'm often left to write down a phone number when the far easier method is having them dial themselves on my phone. This embrace of the self-di… - 11/24/2014

It's been another week of major developments and huge news coming out around the field of real-time communications. Constant growth in the sector has ensured that there's been no shortage of news to discuss, and that poses a problem for many, specifically, how to determine how all these advances fit… - 11/22/2014

Back in August 2012, the headline read "Let the WebRTC Codec Wars Begin!" This is because a few years ago the WebRTC standardization effort was beginning to heat up. The following year the feeling was that there was a lot of drama concerning the video codec debate and that the hope was that it would… - 11/22/2014

'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' Gets a Promotion Boost from WebRTC & HTML5
I am all but certain that I am not alone in looking forward to Warner Bros.' release of "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" coming to theaters in a little under a month. For those who just can't wait, or for those who need a little extra push… - 11/20/2014

Twilio Announces Expanded Services at WebRTC Conference & EXPO
Twilio, which enables phones, VoIP, and messaging to be embedded into Web desktop and mobile software, today at WebRTC Conference & EXPO announced the Twilio Network Traversal Service. With its new offering, Twilio is empowering developers by assisti… - 11/19/2014

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WebRTC Innovators and Experts Conclude Industry Event in San Jose
TMC, Systemwide Media and PKE Consulting today announced the completion of WebRTC Conference & Expo V, held November 18-20, 2014, at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California. More than 7…

WebRTC Leaders Compete and Win at San Jose Event
TMC, Systemwide Media and PKE Consulting today announced the winners of an intense live demonstration competition at WebRTC Conference & Expo V, held November 18-20, 2014, at the San Jose Convention C…

TokBox Joins WebRTC Conference & Expo V as Platinum Sponsor
TMC, Systemwide Media and PKE Consulting today announced Platinum Sponsor TokBox as an exhibitor at WebRTC Conference & Expo V, held November 18-20, 2014, at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose…

Vladimir Beloborodov to Present at WebRTC Conference & Expo V
MERA Software Services, ? leading provider of outsourced software development services for the ICT industry, today announced that Vladimir Beloborodov, Unified Communications CTO, will be presenting a…

OnSIP Joins HTML5 Communications Summit as Platinum Sponsor and WebRTC Conference & Expo V as Gold Sponsor
TMC, Crossfire Media, Systemwide Media and PKE Consulting today announced that OnSIP has signed on to become a Platinum Sponsor of HTML5 Communications Summit and a Gold Sponsor of WebRTC Conference &…