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This week in WebRTC Solutions news, TMC showed its love for the growing, new Web-based real-time communications technology while also reporting on the spread of related apps, support for that technology in the coming Microsoft Edge browser, and the new Unify collaborative platform-as-a-service. - 7/3/2015

The fireworks this week won't just be found on the ball fields and parks of the United States going into the Fourth of July weekend, oh no. We've got plenty of fireworks waiting in the real time communications market as well, evidenced nicely by the wide array of news that's arrived so far. But befo… - 7/3/2015

An example of the importance of WebRTC to enabling a real-time rich, media-interactions world comes with the announcement from London that 3CX, developers of the popular next generation software-based PBX 3CX Phone System for Windows, is releasing 2CX WebMeeting v8. - 7/2/2015

The most recent installment on the KandyMobile tour, a stop in Santa Barbara, CA, brought the Kandy.io team to a one-day featured event during Citrix Connect. Designed by Citrix, the American multinational software company, Citrix Connect was a week-long occasion designed to boost its employees' ind… - 7/2/2015

No matter what your views are, there is probably a radio talk show that brings the same like-minded people together. Whether you are a conservative, liberal, food lover or believe in extraterrestrials, the shows attract audiences that are passionate. Companies have tried to translate the format to T… - 7/2/2015

Why hasn't the desktop phone disappeared into oblivion? Many businesses have specific requirements for providing voice while cellular infrastructure, even if supplemented by WiFi, has its own limitations unless greatly supplemented. - 7/2/2015

For those who liked the Circuit software-as-a-service (SaaS) system, Unify has a plan to take it one step further with a new collaborative platform-as-a-service (cPaaS) system. Based on the Circuit system, the Unify version lets users create extensions with Circuit itself, and from there, bring a va… - 7/1/2015

An item of interest to our WebRTC Solutions Community members that is worth a look is a recent posting from some of the most experienced WebRTC folks around at &yet. Their most recent contribution to the cause comes in the form of some advice regarding the new Microsoft Edge browser which is replaci… - 7/1/2015

Fountain Help Service Debuts WebRTC-based Web Chat
The Fountain startup debuted its help service in March this year. It began offering advice from experts in the fields of home improvement and beauty through text, voice, and video handled in iOS. - 05/26/2015

Turn Up the Volume: Google Tone is Here
The latest invention for the Web from the Google research team comes with the goal of data transmission in the form of audio signals. Basically, computers will literally be able to speak to one another as humans do. - 05/21/2015

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