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The world hasn't actually gotten any smaller in the digital age. Quite the contrary, it is we who have grown, or at least our reach which has expanded, thanks to the undeniable power of modern communication technology. And while the ability to communicate across borders and over oceans is no longer … - 9/3/2015

Frequent visitors to the WebRTC Solutions Community know that one of the things we like to do is look at new/disruptive capabilities that WebRTC is enabling in various vertical markets. In this regard a new entrant as a vertical to be transformed is in legal services. This time, innovation comes cou… - 9/2/2015

TMC has given Radisys a 2015 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award for its Virtualized Media Resource Function (vMRF). - 9/2/2015

The WebRTC Solutions Community is hopefully a place you have bookmarked as a vital resource of WebRTC news and insights. It also is a place where the word "community" is one we like to emphasize. With this as context, a recent blog by Edward Schmit, Executive Director at AT&T Mobility relating to hi… - 9/2/2015

Google's Chrome browser supports WebRTC, and hence is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to accelerating capabilities and fixing problems as WebRTC matures. So it is never a bad idea to check in and see what the good folks at Google are doing. In fact, in recognition that it is the end of the… - 9/2/2015

Users can turn to instant messaging, voice chat, or even video chat to connect with therapists at several different levels and it's all made available thanks to GENBAND's Kandy platform for Web-based real time communications (WebRTC). - 9/2/2015

Blockchain is a public and open distributed ledger accessible to all trading parties. Bitcoin uses blockchain to track the movement of individual pieces of (virtual) currency between buyers and sellers, but Wall Street is ramping up blockchain applications to enable the trading of stocks in private … - 9/2/2015

The 'next' generation has reached its destination. Those of us born between the 1980's and early 2000's are no longer the future - we are the now. No longer can we talk about what will need to be done when we become the dominating generation when most of us are in the workforce and make up the large… - 9/1/2015

AT&T Goes Live with WebRTC for Integrating Voice and Video into Browser Apps
AT&T is going full commercial with its WebRTC API for developers, who can now add real-time voice and video communication to their Web apps. - 08/14/2015

Wheelings & Dealings: Twilio's 'Unicorn' Funding Round Worth $130 Million
Twilio said that a Series E funding round back in April, which catapulted it into the "Billion Dollar Unicorn" club, totaled more than originally thought. While reports pegged the investment to be around $100 million, it actually came in around $130 … - 07/31/2015

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WebRTC Conference & Expo Announces Demo Winners
Demo participants recognized for innovation in real-time communications platforms and applications

Temasys Communications to Deliver Keynote at WebRTC Conference & Expo Miami 2015
Chip Wilcox brings innovative point of view to leading web and mobile communications event

The Secret's Out: keevio, Developed at Bletchley Park, UK, Makes North American Debut
ipcortex to showcase new universal multimedia collaboration interface at real-time communications event

Acision to Deliver Keynote at WebRTC Conference & Expo Miami 2015
Peter Dunkley brings innovative point of view to leading web and mobile communications event

Dialogic Joins WebRTC Conference & Expo as Platinum Sponsor
Dialogic to showcase real-world use cases