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I entered the workforce in 2005, fresh out of college, and ready for the world. Lucky for me, this was before the economy tanked and at a time when communications technology was really starting to transform the workplace. - 7/29/2015

The company announced that its original free conference calling service, appropriately named FreeConference, has been joined by a new dial-in number in the UK using the 03 numbers. These are numbers which are being promoted as being a more affordable alternative to the UK's chargeable 08 numbers. Th… - 7/29/2015

When it comes to service providers leveraging WebRTC, there can be little doubt that Japan's NTT Communications (NTT Com) is at the forefront. As has been documented over the past several months, NTT Com has been aggressively developing and marketing the WebRTC-enabled capabilities of its SkyWay ser… - 7/28/2015

Wireless network operator T-Mobile has brought the first major improvement to text messaging in quite some time with the launch of Advanced Messaging. This new service utilizes the Rich Communications Services (RCS) standard to enable richer features that extend beyond traditional SMS. - 7/28/2015

The next wave in real-time communications is the connected car. We've already seen the commercials for the line of Chevy offerings - a hot spot on wheels, giving you access to everything online regardless of your location. But as the connected car gains momentum, so too do the warnings that such con… - 7/28/2015

When it comes to the always on, WebRTC world, there are a couple of ways people are attempting to stay sane. One of the best ways people can accomplish this is taking great advantage of what being entirely online can mean to both the business world and single users. BitPhone is one relatively new ap… - 7/28/2015

Whenever a new technology threatens existing models, generally there is a backlash from the individuals and institutions propping that model: no matter how innovative the new technology is. If it is disruptive enough and their base migrates to this new technology, they grudgingly change their view t… - 7/28/2015

Downtime for employees outside the workplace may be enforced by computer rule-sets and AIs in the future, because psychologists say everyone needs time to be able to mentally relax and process information subconsciously without other distractions. - 7/28/2015

Webtorials Discusses the State of the WebRTC Market in New Report
The Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) market can be a strange place. There are so many new advancements coming out that it's hard to keep track of the impact that the slightly less recent developments actually had. Worse, by the time system… - 07/27/2015

appear.in, Google to Push for WebRTC Development on Android and iOS
One of the first startups on the WebRTC scene was appear.in with its application that now allows for free video-based conversations between up to eight people at once. Google has long supported its project and is now urging the company to create tuto… - 07/13/2015

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Demo participants recognized for innovation in real-time communications platforms and applications

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Chip Wilcox brings innovative point of view to leading web and mobile communications event

The Secret's Out: keevio, Developed at Bletchley Park, UK, Makes North American Debut
ipcortex to showcase new universal multimedia collaboration interface at real-time communications event

Acision to Deliver Keynote at WebRTC Conference & Expo Miami 2015
Peter Dunkley brings innovative point of view to leading web and mobile communications event

Dialogic Joins WebRTC Conference & Expo as Platinum Sponsor
Dialogic to showcase real-world use cases