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December 27, 2012

Voxeet Conferencing Technology Looking to WebRTC Components

For those who regularly conduct conference calls, WebRTC is especially exciting. Real-time communications over Web browsers makes life simpler, cheaper and more efficient.

On the road to WebRTC, Voxeet provides a solution that comes close, for now. Voxeet is a provider of natural conferencing technology that offers high-definition audio, high speaker recognition and high mobility.

Voxeet CEO Stephane Giraudie recently sat down with SYS-CON to talk about Voxeet’s natural conferencing technology and the company’s take on WebRTC initiatives. The company is already using some of the WebRTC components and is following WebRTC initiatives very closely.

The goal of the company and its technology is to solve daily conferencing frustrations, such as low call quality and spotty coverage, and enables teams to have crystal clear, relaxed and more productive conversations.

“Voxeet's radical improvements for group voice conferencing are designed to displace free audio conferencing solutions and provide a high-quality, lower-cost alternative to Web conferencing and deliver business-quality and reliability not available in today's VoIP solutions,” Giraduie explained in the interview.

Voxeet recently launched mobile apps for the iPhone and Android devices, offering crystal clear, 3D-immersive sound and one-click transfer, which won Voxeet a DemoGod Award.

“We've also added ‘wow’ functionalities like our new ‘whisper mode’ for having private conversations during conference calls and Facebook integration to make it super-easy to import contacts,” said Giraduie.

Voxeet's technology was designed from the ground up and optimized for business-quality conference calls. Unlike competitors like Skype, which mashes together simultaneous sounds making it impossible to have a conversation with multiple participants, Voxeet’s technology reproduces the way the brain analyzes sound, making it as natural as a face-to-face conversation.

Both WebRTC and Voxeet’s conferencing technologies have yet to team up to provide a surreal conferencing experience, but for now, they’re both well on their way.

Edited by Braden Becker


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