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Rachel Ramsey is a Content Director for TMC's M2M and WebRTC online communities, covering the latest in technology and communications impacting the growth of M2M and WebRTC. She previously worked as a Web Editor, Freelance Writer and Editorial Intern at TMC.

Latest Articles

06/03/2014 Bita Milanian Looks Ahead to Growing Communications Technologies, Encourages Women in Telecom
06/03/2014 Apple Brings In-browser, Native Calling to Macs, Safari
05/31/2014 Real Time Communications Week in Review
05/31/2014 WebRTC World Week in Review
05/30/2014 Applying Effective Communication Skills to Real Time, Online Communications
05/30/2014 Wearable Technology Takes Real Time Communications to the Next Level
05/29/2014 Blending PSTN and IP to Create the New Public Network
05/28/2014 The Evolving Communications Landscape: GENBAND's BG Kumar Explains Transformation in Service Providers, Enterprise Needs
05/24/2014 Real Time Communications Week in Review
05/24/2014 WebRTC World Week in Review
05/23/2014 GENBAND SMART CORE Migrates Columbus Telephone Company's Network to IP
05/22/2014 OpenClove Introduces FreeMAD Service for Embedding Real-time Video, Voice and Data Communications in Apps
05/22/2014 GENBAND Partners Gain All-Access Pass to Company Resources with Partner Advantage Portal
05/21/2014 Dialogic's PowerMedia XMS Enables Real-time Conferencing for CreaLog Contact Center Agents
05/21/2014 Millenicom Turkey Turns to GENBAND, Verscom Solutions to Meet Growing Network Demands
05/21/2014 Bringing Recording Studios Online with WebRTC
05/21/2014 Using WebRTC to Create an Internet Recording Studio
05/21/2014 Zingaya Brings Network Quality Monitoring to Users with Widget Update
05/20/2014 sipIQ Tackles the Ever-Changing Unified Communications Landscape
05/17/2014 Real Time Communications Week in Review
05/17/2014 WebRTC World Week in Review
05/16/2014 1Stream Brings WebRTC to Contact Centers in South Africa
05/16/2014 Q&A with OnSIP CTO John Riordan on WebRTC
05/15/2014 SVP of Marketing Communications Bita Milanian Offers 'Perspectives' on GENBAND's Upcoming Customer, Partner Summit
05/14/2014 Tomorrow Starts Here: Cisco Uses Real Time Communications to Showcase the IoE
05/12/2014 CNA Language School Uses Video Communications to Connect Students and Senior Citizens
05/12/2014 Speaking Exchange Project Embraces the Power of Video Communications
05/10/2014 WebRTC World Week in Review
05/10/2014 Real Time Communications Week in Review
05/09/2014 Perspectives14 Highlights Real Time Communications Trends, Opportunities and Thought Leaders
05/09/2014 GENBAND's CMO Brad Bush Discusses the Shift in Marketing, Real Time Communications and WebRTC
05/08/2014 WebRTC Integration Extends AudioCodes' Market Reach
05/08/2014 In Defense of Real Time Communications and Technology: Responding to Viral Video 'Look Up'
05/08/2014 Why WebRTC is a Game-changing Technology
05/08/2014 Voxbone Adds WebRTC Support on Global VoIP Backbone
05/07/2014 Seven Key Trends Driving Real Time Communications
05/07/2014 Driving Innovation: Q&A with Alex Eleftheriadis on Vidyo's Patent Strategy
05/07/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Snapchat Acquires WebRTC Company AddLive
05/06/2014 Changing Course: Using Real Time Technology to Make Online Education Effective
05/06/2014 Comings & Goings: Paul Yantus Joins Weemo as VP of Marketing
05/03/2014 WebRTC World Week in Review
05/01/2014 WebRTC Isn't Just Integral to Business, but is the Business: Q&A with David Alozie
05/01/2014 Cisco, Jive Software to Drive Real-time Collaboration
05/01/2014 The Way of the Web
05/01/2014 Enhancing Healthcare with WebRTC
04/30/2014 The WebRTC Opportunity with Facebook f8 Announcements
04/30/2014 VoxImplant Releases Android SDK
04/29/2014 WebRTC, Browser Support and Industry Adoption: Q&A with Doug Pelton, CEO of Priologic Software
04/28/2014 Updated ORTC Specification Fills in Missing Pieces to Drive Real-time Communications
04/28/2014 Skype Introduces Free Group Video Calling - Is WebRTC the Reason?
04/28/2014 OnSIP Rolls Out InstaCall, WebRTC-based Solution based on The OnSIP Network
04/26/2014 WebRTC World Week in Review
04/23/2014 fring Mobile Mindset Embraces Real time Communications, Enables OTT Services
04/23/2014 Web 3.0: Real Time, All the Time
04/23/2014 What is Real Time Communications?
04/23/2014 4COM Optimizes Contact Center Portfolio with WebRTC Integration
04/21/2014 Free Trial for NTT Communications' WebRTC Chat on SkyWay Now Available
04/18/2014 WebRTC World Week in Review
04/17/2014 Imagination Technologies Intros HelloSoft WebRTC Media Engine
04/17/2014 Exploring the Impact of WebRTC on Communications and Collaboration
04/17/2014 Voice4Net WebRTC Solutions Lay Foundation for Dayton Telecom Network Upgrade
04/16/2014 What's the Next WebRTC Killer App?
04/16/2014 WebRTC Meetup with Lisa Larson-Kelley
04/14/2014 Artesyn Integrates Support for Opus, SILK Audio Codecs into SharpMedia PCIE-8120
04/09/2014 appear.in Makes it Easy to Let Participants into Conference Calls with 'Knocking' Feature
04/09/2014 The Evolution of HTML5
04/08/2014 Dialogic Optimizes I-Gate Media Gateways to Transform Networks
04/07/2014 CarePaths Implements WebRTC in eRecord for Behavioral Health
04/05/2014 WebRTC World Week in Review
04/02/2014 Swarmify Focuses on the WebRTC Data Channel
04/01/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Telefonica Acquires eyeOS
04/01/2014 Dialogic WebRTC Impact Survey Highlights Rapid Growth and 'Enormous Potential'
03/31/2014 Seeing is Believing: PeepsOut Combines Trends and Technology to Offer Live Stream Network
03/29/2014 WebRTC World Week in Review
03/28/2014 OpenTok Powers WeCam Social WebRTC-based Video Chat Mobile App
03/27/2014 Voice4Net's Rick McFarland Talks WebRTC Products, Impact in the Contact Center
03/25/2014 Discussing GoToMeeting Free with Citrix's Phil Chambers
03/24/2014 Discussing GoToMeeting Free with Citrix's John Chambers
03/24/2014 Temasys and Moment Media Bring Real-time Video Communications to Social Networks with WebRTC
03/22/2014 WebRTC World Week in Review
03/21/2014 The WebRTC Opportunity at Warby Parker
03/21/2014 Citrix Introduces GoToMeeting Free for Video Chat with WebRTC
03/20/2014 CafeX Takes Collaboration to the Next Level
03/18/2014 Cisco Takes on Microsoft with Google Partnership, Brings WebEx to Chromebooks
03/18/2014 10 Things You Need to Know About the Future of WebRTC
03/15/2014 WebRTC World Week in Review
03/14/2014 Weemo and TrueVault Partner to Offer HIPAA-compliant Video, Power Telehealth Apps with WebRTC
03/14/2014 Veeting Rooms Brings Collaboration, Quality and Security to Video Conferencing
03/13/2014 See GENBAND Generation Enterprise in Action
03/12/2014 Breaking Down the Growing WebRTC Ecosystem
03/12/2014 Click-to-Call on Twitter
03/08/2014 WebRTC World Week in Review
03/06/2014 Six WebRTC Video Calling Solutions Ready to Use Right Now From Your Browser
03/06/2014 Opera 20 for Android Brings WebRTC to Mobile Browser
03/03/2014 VoipSwitch Showcases RCS, Cloud and Vippie Mobile Messenger Application at MWC
03/01/2014 WebRTC World Week in Review
02/28/2014 Lync Live Chat Solution from Enabling Technologies Corp Challenges WebRTC
02/27/2014 Lindenbaum Expands WebRTC VoIP Client
02/26/2014 Ericsson Research Demos Remote-controlled Excavator Using WebRTC
02/25/2014 Dialogic Partners Show Off WebRTC Capabilities at Mobile World Congress


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