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January 07, 2013

Ericsson to Demonstrate WebRTC among Communication Solutions at CES 2013

Ericsson is making its second major appearance at CES this week, which will feature the company’s president and CEO Hans Vestberg participating in a CES SuperSession entitled, "The New Network Effect Changes Everything," as well as a number of demonstrations centered around connectivity.

Specifically, Ericsson will showcase a number of its connected technologies including its Connected Vehicle cloud, created with Volvo, which enables automotive manufacturers a simple way to develop services for customers, and other connected technologies for the sports, entertainment and M2M industries. It will also be demonstrating its WebRTC solutions.

Ericsson will demonstrate how WebRTC, LTE and other solutions can help to meet public safety needs, especially in combination. LTE provides an always-connected, high-bandwidth, low-latency connection that is ideal for public safety applications. WebRTC, meanwhile, offers fast, HTML5-based communications for law enforcement and other emergency responders which, when coupled with the speed and availability of LTE, can ensure quicker response than other communications solutions.

Of course, Ericsson will also demonstrate how WebRTC and revision control system (RCS) development solutions can enhance communications in an increasingly networked and mobile society. WebRTC was created to act as a standard, interoperable approach to real-time communication (RTC) in Web browsers that doesn’t require plugins, so its role in technology going forward is likely to be significant.

Ericsson is no stranger to WebRTC, of course, having unveiled the world’s first WebRTC-enabled browser for mobile devices, called “Bowser,” back in October.

At that time, Kristofer Dovstam, master researcher at Ericsson Research, stated, "We believe WebRTC is a very important part of future communication solutions in our industry, and are excited to provide developers with the first version of our experimental WebRTC-enabled browser."

Meanwhile, Martin Körling, head of Ericsson Research at Silicon Valley, delivered a keynote address at the WebRTC Conference and Expo this past November.

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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