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January 07, 2013

AT&T Unveils Alpha API Program, WebRTC-Based Call Management API

At AT&T Developer Summit in Las Vegas, AT&T Mobility chief marketing officer David Christopher unveiled and outlined a new Call Management API that provides developers the ability to create applications using an individual’s AT&T mobile number to access numerous devices.

“The best customer experience comes from the combination of great devices and the nation’s largest 4G network — with the best apps and services running on them,” said Christopher. “Today’s developer summit and our API platform announcements are proof that AT&T is firmly committed to the support and success of developers.”

The company also announced its Alpha API Program, which is meant to bring innovative APIs to market more quickly by encouraging communication between developers, allowing them offer ideas for new APIs.

The AT&T Call Management API is the first step toward allowing customers to free their mobile number from a single device, while making it easier for developers to add real-time voice and text communications to Web and mobile apps. The API is powered by Voxeo Labs’ Tropo Platform, and Ericsson’s IMS Innovation Platform, and is based on WebRTC, enabling browser-based real-time communications, including voice and video calls.

Currently, the Call Management API is only in alpha status.

Other recent developments for WebRTC include an experimental browser from Ericsson, unveiled in October. Called “Bowser,” this world-first WebRTC browser for mobile devices brings the power of WebRTC mobile communications to Android and iOS devices ahead of support from commonly used mobile browsers on these platforms, such as Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox.

Speaking of Mozilla, the company recently demonstrated WebRTC integration on its desktop Firefox browser, including not only real-time video conferencing, but file transfer capabilities as well. The latter feature was made possible through the implementation of the Datachannels API that is part of WebRTC, enabling instant messaging and file transfer.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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