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January 30, 2013

VCI-Group to Host VICG Live! Video Conferencing Session on WebRTC

On February 21, the VCI-Group will be hosting what's known as the VCIG Live! session, a video conferencing seminar and live streaming event hosted over ChorusCall. The event is designed to deliver more information about the potential impact and the inner workings of Web-based real-time communications (WebRTC), and provide access to speakers and trading information.

VCIG Live! is hosted by J.D. Vaughn, an industry veteran as well as the former host of a talk show. Vaughn will be backed up by Vidtel founder and CEO Scott Wharton, as well as TeleSpan's industry analyst and publisher Elliot Gold and TalkingPointz.com's Dave Michaels.

The session is set to start at 1:00 PM EST on February 21, and while it will only last one hour, it’ll be recorded for those who couldn't make the 1:00 PM start time to get in on the information later on.

Vaughn explained the overall importance of the show, saying, “Many analysts and industry veterans believe WebRTC will be to videoconferencing and collaboration what the smart phone was to the cellular industry. Many believe that WebRTC is the watershed development that will help move videoconferencing from millions of endpoints to billions of endpoints. It is such an important development that we want our members and the rest of the videoconferencing community to know as much as possible and to be ready for the impact of this watershed technology.”

“We have a responsibility to keep our members and the rest of the industry informed and educated on important topics such as WebRTC,” he said.

Given that the VCI-Group consists of over 500 end users and vendors, it's easy to see where Vaughn would understand the principles behind an expanding importance in WebRTC. Indeed, we've already seen several points in which WebRTC looks to shake up the overall communications environment as a whole, even to the point where it can be used as a multipoint broadcasting system.

There's a lot of room in this sector for change, especially since it's basically getting started, and as such leaves plenty of room for organizations like the VCI-Group to get people together and talking.

But the VCI-Group isn't the only one getting together a gathering for the study and development of WebRTC; TMC Systemwide Media and PKE Consulting are putting together the WebRTC Conference and Expo to run June 25-27 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The three-day event will run at Atlanta's Cobb Galleria, and will feature product exhibitions as well as a means for developers to share ideas on common ground.

Since WebRTC is set to really start taking effect this May, when it becomes available for Chrome and Firefox, it's clear that now is a good time to start getting the proverbial ducks in their equally proverbial rows for the release of this groundbreaking technology.

It's likely to have sweeping ramifications for several industries, and may well mean a lot of potential upside for those companies involved in the field.

Edited by Braden Becker


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