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Steve Anderson has been writing about various topics since 2004, covering a variety of fields from movies and pop culture to technology to economics to politics and well beyond. He lives in Michigan, and both reads and writes novels in his off hours, is a practicing horror film expert, and is an inveterate bicyclist.

Latest Articles

06/09/2017 WebRTC Whitepaper Looks At Healthcare Value
05/23/2017 The Many Benefits of WebRTC
05/08/2017 SwitchRTC Launches Partnership Program in WebRTC Development
04/19/2017 LTE Growth Means Big Gains for WebRTC
04/10/2017 WebRTC Market to Gain Steadily for Next Decade
03/22/2017 Big Growth Ahead for WebRTC
03/06/2017 Flashphoner Brings WebRTC to YouTube Live
02/28/2017 AudioCodes' WebRTC Now Part of Radisys Lineup
02/07/2017 Microsoft Edge Sharpens Up With WebRTC
01/31/2017 Avaya Snapp Store Could Add WebRTC Influx
01/20/2017 WebRTC's Market Ahead Continues Upward Track
12/19/2016 Kandy Lands Real Time Communications Honors
12/02/2016 Inside Real Time Communications' Charitable Side
10/19/2016 Want to Add Communications to an App? Check Out This Webinar!
10/12/2016's New Interactive Broadcasting Tool Means Easy Distribution
10/03/2016 Two Years of Kandy Arrives at GENBAND
09/30/2016 Telemedicine Helps Solve Night Coverage Problems
08/18/2016 and Lingoland Offer New Alternative to Rosetta Stone
08/17/2016 Nationwide Turns to Cutover to Improve Project Management Operations
08/08/2016 GENBAND Adds Sponsorship to Women in the Channel Event
08/02/2016 Ingate's SIP, WebRTC Lineup Now Powers Primo Connect App
08/02/2016 Blacc Spot Media Joins Roster of Sponsors, Speakers at Real Time Web Solutions Show
08/01/2016 It's Kandy for CANTO Going Into CODE 2.0 Hackathon
07/28/2016 Comings and Goings: Temasys Makes Roster Moves Before Real Time Web Solutions Event
06/29/2016 FreeSWITCH Version 1.6.9 Brings New Features to Popular Tool
06/08/2016 GENBAND Brings Ottawa a New Cloud Center of Excellence
05/19/2016 VoIP Service Demand Driving Demand for Media Gateway Systems
05/03/2016 GENBAND'S Kandy Gives TeleMedCo New Array of Functions
04/18/2016 SmartShow Taps WebRTC for its New Remote Real Estate Showing System
04/12/2016 CafeX's Dave Phillips: Don't Underestimate WebRTC in Business
04/04/2016 San Diego Padres' Real Time Communications System a Grand Slam
03/30/2016 5G: What You Should Know About This New Communications Titan
03/26/2016 Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, HireRush, March Madness
03/24/2016 WebRTC Market a 'Blue Ocean' Full of Opportunity
03/23/2016 HireRush Lets Web Browsers Do the Calling for Local Service Providers
03/19/2016 Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, Telecom Italia Sparkle, Digital Trends
03/18/2016 GENBAND, Polycom Make for a Powerful Combination for Federal Users
03/17/2016 Stop Eating and Pay Attention During Video Conferences
03/15/2016 TokBox Ready to Hit SXSW with New WebRTC Telehealth Option
03/14/2016 Telecom Italia Sparkle Gets Communications Sweet Tooth with GENBAND's Kandy
03/12/2016 Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, Braidio, NetFortris
03/08/2016 GENBAND's Cloud Offerings a Hit with XO Communications
03/08/2016 GENBAND, Polycom Complete Interoperability Testing for Department of Defense
03/07/2016's New Agora Video Brings Video Communications to Wide Use
03/05/2016 Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, Yorktel, Kandy
03/03/2016 Connected Health Device Ownership on the Rise
03/03/2016 RevTwo Offers Real-Time Communications Edge to Mobile Apps
03/02/2016 Yorktel to Show Off Next Gen Work Place
02/29/2016 Telehealth Hits the Road with Yorktel's FeatherMed
02/27/2016 Real Time Communications Week in Review: Envelop VR, Avotus, Xura
02/24/2016 Multi-Billion Market Ahead for Smart Homes
02/22/2016 Envelop VR Brings in New Business Development VP
02/20/2016 Real Time Communications Week in Review: Empire Access, Voxvalley, GENBAND
02/13/2016 Real Time Communications Week in Review: Bubble, MindMe, ThinkingPhones
02/11/2016 MediaRecorder Makes Recording Debut for Chrome and Firefox
02/11/2016 A Better Call in Google Hangouts Now Available with P2P Infusion
02/10/2016 Bubble, Ziggeo Get Together to Tell Stories with Video
02/10/2016 VP9 Joins the Roster of WebRTC Video Calling
02/06/2016 Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, ITEXPO, Cisco
02/03/2016 Cisco VNI Shows Huge Mobile Population
02/01/2016 Benton Communications Taps GENBAND's Network Transformation for Upgrades
01/30/2016 Real Time Communications Week in Review: DigitalGlue,, ITEXPO
01/27/2016 Snapchat Leak Shows Several New Features
01/23/2016 Real Time Communications Week in Review: Polycom, GENBAND, CM Telecom
01/18/2016 AlphaDial Helps Keep Phone Numbers Market-Relevant
01/16/2016 Real Time Communications Week in Review: Nuance, Voxeet, Polycom
01/13/2016 2016: A Year of Answers for M2M Questions?
01/13/2016 Higher Education Has New Opportunity to Drive Real Time Communication
01/11/2016 Voxeet Brings 3D Surround Sound to the Mobile Workforce
01/11/2016 Telecommuters: Brace for Double Robotics' New Robot Version of You
01/09/2016 Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, Puppetry Arts, Zencastr
01/06/2016 Puppetry Arts Turns to Cloud Systems to Spread Puppet Training
01/05/2016 CafeX's New KickStart Program Ready to Boost Customer Engagement
12/31/2015 How the Everyday App Can Bolster Diabetes Treatment
12/19/2015 Real Time Communications Week in Review: Avotus, Ultra Mobile, GENBAND
12/18/2015 GENBAND's Network Transformation System Joins the Hancock Telephone Company
12/12/2015 Real Time Communications Week in Review: Mind Commerce, Atlassian, GENBAND
12/10/2015 Swift Goes Open Source, Offering Huge Opportunity for Apple & IBM
12/10/2015 Chrome 47 Boosts WebRTC Developments
12/08/2015 Riverbed Technology: Businesses Desperate for a Few Good Apps
12/05/2015 Real Time Communications Week in Review: Avotus, Turkcell, Skype
12/02/2015 Seniors: Some Great Tech Tools May Save Your Life
11/23/2015 OpenMarket: Put SMS to Work for Better Communications
11/23/2015 Tech in 2016: A Brave New World
11/21/2015 Real Time Communications Week in Review: Navigant Research, GENBAND, Xorcom
11/17/2015 Enterprise Technology Landscape Faces Huge Changes by 2025
11/16/2015 GENBAND's fring Offers NIFTY Mobile New Opportunity
11/16/2015 Is My WebRTC Application Tracking Me?
11/14/2015 Real Time Communications Week in Review: Bolste, Microsoft, 1DocWay
11/13/2015 Real Time Communications Week in Review: Bolste, Microsoft, 1DocWay
11/12/2015 A Shakeup in Telepsychiatry Leaves 1DocWay in Genoa's Hands
11/10/2015 OTT Video Services Prove Remarkably Cancellation-Resistant in U.K.
11/07/2015 Real Time Communications Week in Review: Audi, Juniper Research, MERA Software Services
11/06/2015 Huge Gains Ahead for Mobile Workforce Market
11/05/2015 Rabbit Makes the Jump to iOS
11/05/2015 Utah Researchers Solve Psychologist Shortage with Telepresence Robots
11/03/2015 VoLTE Set to Hit Two Billion Connections By 2020
11/02/2015 Consumers Want More Energy Control
11/02/2015 Smartphone Vendors Ship Despite Chinese Market Losses
10/31/2015 Real Time Communications Week in Review: Apple, AVST, GENBAND


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