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December 10, 2013

Enterprise WebRTC Joins ITEXPO Miami

WebRTC has the potential to disrupt online communication. It eliminates barriers like downloading or installing plugins and enables developers to bring real-time video, voice, chat and sharing functionality right to the browser. Browser-to-browser communications could eventually lessen the need for telephony devices and peripherals, enabling users to simply click a link or button to engage in a call. Indicative of its growth and potential, ITEXPO, the largest business technology and communications event, had added the Enterprise WebRTC Pavilion to the Miami event, held January 28-31, 2014.

The WebRTC Pavilion will feature WebRTC applications, solutions and presentations from industry disruptors, technologists and business leaders, demonstrating how this technology is revolutionizing the way businesses and consumers communicate.

Session topics include standards development, tools for development and integration, advanced techniques for using WebRTC and different options for enterprise deployment. Although there are a number of WebRTC industry events, including the WebRTC Conference & Expo, enterprises, business decision makers and service providers still have questions regarding WebRTC, including the potential of rich features and scalability. The Enterprise WebRTC Pavilion will be a great opportunity to answer these questions and learn about deployment opportunities.

“WebRTC will transform communications by allowing the integration of phone, TV and computer communications on any Web browser. This technology holds the promise of being both a market disruptor, as well as a major revenue opportunity for those companies positioned to exploit it,” Rich Tehrani, TMC CEO and conference chairman, said in a statement. “The Enterprise WebRTC Pavilion will provide a sneak peek at the solutions that have already harnessed the power of WebRTC, the experts that will share their own insight and tips on how to successfully enter the market, as well as the information businesses need to know in order to select the WebRTC solutions that are right for their organization.”

In addition to the Pavilion, there will be SIP trunking, UC and WebRTC seminars on January 30, covering enabling WebRTC in the enterprise, the firewall traversal TURN server for WebRTC in the firewall and the Ingate WebRTC & SIP E-SBC PBX companion. ITEXPO will also feature a variety of sessions on WebRTC:

  • Tuesday, 1/28, 4:30 p.m. (collocated with SmartVoice Conference): Closing Remarks - Smart Voice, UC, and WebRTC - How Do They all Fit Together?
  • Wednesday, 1/29, 11-11:45 a.m.: What WebRTC Means to Your Enterprise Communications
  • Thursday, 1/30, 3:30-4:15 p.m.: Generating Revenue with WebRTC
  • Friday, 1/31, 9-9:45 a.m.: What WebRTC Means for Customer Service

WebRTC will continue to be a hot topic in 2014, and businesses should be prepared to use this available tool to optimize their online presence and capabilities. Visit the Enterprise WebRTC Pavilion ITEXPO page to learn more.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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