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January 02, 2014

How WebRTC Can Make Job Interviews More Simple and Productive

The recruiting process is a tiresome one, both on employers and candidates. Many people do not prefer phone interviews, as they don’t think they fully depict a person’s personality, but getting candidates to come into an office may be difficult depending on schedules and locations – and what if they get all the way into the office only to realize immediately they are not a good fit? Interviewing is tricky. Luckily, the growth of video technology eliminates many of these issues. It enables an experience similar to real-life interaction while saving the time, costs and effort of bringing someone into the office, at least for an initial check.

WebRTC is a technology enabling these live video interviews, making the process simple, quick and productive for both parties. VidCruiter, a provider of software for companies to automate online interviewing, is working on a new face-to-face interview system using WebRTC with a new solution, VidLiveInterviewing.

VidCruiter is building on its flagship product, the Application Hiring System (AHS), to help fuel the evolution of recruitment solutions and HR technology. The new system allows up to six interviewers at the same time, is six times faster than traditional live interview platforms, offers archiving and playback options, enables interviewers to take private notes/chatting while applicants are talking and does not require any software downloads or plugins. Companies can also feature their logos and branding on the screen throughout the entire interview, making the solution look more integrated and professional.

“This new product is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how we see recruitment evolving, the VidCruiter team is working diligently on new recruiting products to enhance the recruitment process even more,” Sean Fahey, VidCruiter CEO, said in a statement.

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An important factor for companies and their HR departments to keep in mind is the types of candidates that will continue to join the workforce – these candidates are not necessarily all Millennials (although more than 10 million of them will be), but more often than not they will be tech-savvy. They expect real-time interaction, feedback and access, because that is becoming the norm across any industry, not just the recruitment process. As a company, you should be working to keep up with industry trends and the latest technology to showcase your relevance and awareness of what’s happening around you.

In addition to these benefits, working with video interview platforms and solutions saves time and money. WebRTC is a no-brainer for these solutions; it delivers HD-quality audio and video, and makes connecting in real-time easy and efficient.

Another player in the WebRTC interview market is InterviewStream, which offers InterviewRTC for live video interviewing. InterviewRTC enables browser-to-browser applications for video interviewing and allows for more one-on-one interviews on the go, as it strengthens the quality of mobile video communications and offers capabilities for mobile devices like laptops and iPads. It’s available in the App Store for free.

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