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January 24, 2014

Pexip to Reveal HD Telepresence Video Conferencing Software

Norwegian company Pexip Inc. is a global provider of enterprise-quality, virtualized, scalable video conferencing solutions. Its next generation of technology for collaboration using video, voice and audio/visual (AV) technologies, Infinity, is an enterprise-level platform that allows for an unlimited number of personal meeting rooms for video conferencing users.  

Pexip enables companies to set up multi-party videoconferencing in as little as ten minutes; deployment of multiparty voice and video can be performed on standard servers, requires no customized hardware and is scalable to meet the needs of enterprises as their requirements change.

Infinity can be used for delivering fast, scalable and continuous services as required to deliver the best in video communications, for in-person meetings, two-way conferencing, presentation sharing and visual collaboration (using WebRTC – the technology that turns Web browsers into real-time communication tools); it is capable of extending true interoperability beyond that of the “traditional” video communication standards.

Pexip’s HD telepresence video conferencing software will be revealed, for the first time, at the ISE 2014 event, reports a post on the HomeToys website. Pexip will host several partner events and participate in industry-led discussions. The goal will be to showcase new real-world deployments of Infinity; the company plans on “demonstrating how AV companies can take advantage of conferencing in a virtualized world," said Simen Teigre, CEO at Pexip.

As per Pexip, Infinity is a virtualized software concept in videoconferencing; one that provides a unique low-cost distributed architecture (a solution that reduces WAN bandwidth consumption) and that, according to the company “simplifies management, deployment and use.” It can be deployed on VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V (features generic hypervisor support) and can support nearly any communication standard. What’s more, it can integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Lync, Google WebRTC and any standard video and voice protocol without requiring any custom hardware, explains Pexip as it’s “purely software-based and virtualized.”

Infinity enables conferencing and virtual meeting rooms for all to participate from anywhere as it is able to expand access to users from mobile and audio devices. It makes it possible for organizations to equip everyone with HD video on any device (i.e., tablets, mobile phones and personal devices) and provide “intuitive conference control and presentation viewing experience to all users regardless of endpoint, allowing [an] organization to embrace the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ phenomenon.”

Access to this technology is subscription-based and enables users to receive updates and new features as they become available. It also includes the complementary Pexip App that allows all users to use their personal device to control conferences and view presentations.

Infinity’s scalable software platform offers a flexible licensing model: Companies can pay only for the number of licenses they use. “Concurrent license list prices start at $99 per month and enterprise agreement list prices start from $4,000 per month for 200 users,” Pexip affirms.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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