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May 08, 2013

Talks of Fast Failures in WebRTC are Unconductive

There's this notion I read lately about "failing fast". It is taken from computer systems, where you sometimes design the system to fail fast – fail as soon as possible instead of limping around for a while until it fails. The idea behind it is that the sooner you find and treat an issue, the better. This notion was taken also to startups and entrepreneurship, where you'd like to burn as little investors' money as possible before closing shop and moving on to the next idea.

Lately, I've seen too many blog posts the benefit of WebRTC being something that fails fast. The ability of trying out a lot of use cases and then ditching them.

This isn't conductive to our pursuit of disruption with WebRTC.

WebRTC is all about removing barriers of entry to those in need of voice and video calling. It is done by:

  1. Offering best of breed real-time media technology
  2. Royalty free everything
  3. Extending the reach to Web developers

Failing fast assumes that a lot of the ideas out there have no business sense. Who are we to say? We judge them with our current set of experiences and worldviews – it is why every UC vendor's WebRTC strategy is a gateway one. Can we seriously say that there is or isn't an expert market? Or a workable business model around conducting remote interviews?

The startups out there? Some will definitely fail. Probably most. But not because of WebRTC – just to the nature of being a startup.

I suggest a new paradigm: Succeed Fast.

We're now all about getting our service out the door and into the hands of users as far as possible – to test our idea – to fine tune our offering. We don't need 20 developers and millions of dollars anymore to implement an idea that requires video calling. Just a couple of good developers.

Let's succeed fast instead of failing slow.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey
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