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May 14, 2013

WebRTC in the Enterprise Mainstream - Not Yet

I am doing an industry outlook as part of a series of SIP focused seminars with Sonus. While the primary focus of the seminars is SIP and Lync, I am covering the transformational changes that are coming in the communications industry. A key part of this is discussing WebRTC and how it will transform enterprises and communications in general. 

What is interesting is that, so far, most of the attendees have been unaware of WebRTC. As most attendees are traditional telecom managers that are contemplating the move to SIP trunking and the deployment of Lync, it is not surprising, but it really reflects on the still relative stealthy nature of WebRTC. While many of us that are part of the ecosystem see WebRTC as transformational, in the enterprise telecom space it is still outside the box.

What made this really interesting was that almost all of the attendees came up to me afterward and asked about more info, and at least three of them asked to make sure they could take advantage of the two-for-one promotion for the WebRTC Conference and Expo that TMC is offering as part of the seminar. To me, this is a huge validation of the WebRTC market; giving a telecom manager good insight into what WebRTC is and they cannot wait to learn more. The applications were immediately apparent, from a quick healthcare discussion to talking about applications for financial institutions. I am finding that when enterprises get a chance to think through what WebRTC can do, the result is a realization that it can be incredibly significant for their business. The challenge is getting the word out, building the velocity of knowledge. 

Check out the seminars, if one is in your city, you may find it interesting, and you might even find yourself installing SIP or Lync interfaces while WebRTC gets to fruition. And at least you will get a two-for-one attendee pass to WebRTC Conference and Expo in Atlanta, the WebRTC ecosystem event.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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