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May 15, 2013

The WebRTC Beachhead is Secure

In case anyone was wondering if WebRTC would gather enough momentum, Bistri has provided some data in this ideogram below that is worth looking at regarding video conferencing.


What it reveals is that usage minutes are relatively well divided around the world and that the pentration of WebRTC is over 10 percent. That is a strong penetration given it has only been released for less than a year.

Another telling aspect is that we have so many different companies focused on the opportunity. From my perspective, I am much more interested in how Google and Mozilla evangelize Web developers to incorporate WebRTC communication on their websites.

In theory though, the Web dialog can bring a new host of communication methods.

To date, telecom has been a laggard in new forms of communication. Status messages could easily be part of caller ID -- but they are not. Also, IM could have changed the call flow and opportunities for voicemail, but it hasn’t. In addition, location services could have been incorporated with auto dialers, but they are not.

Again and again, we see the Web is the home of real innovation and now with WebRTC, we should expect that ideograms of the future are not just comparing video conferencing protocols -- but alternate uses of WebRTC to existing methods.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey
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