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September 25, 2013

Thrupoint Spins Out Collaboration Software Group as CafeX

Thrupoint today announced it is spinning the Fusion Software part of the business out as a separate company. The new company, to be known as CafeX Communications, will focus on delivering user experience management solutions for contact center and communications systems. Examples cited by CafeX include visual IVR (interactive voice response) solutions for smartphones, video-powered business-to-consumer (B2C) Web applications, and capture of extensive mobile Web user analytics in order to facilitate intelligent, consistent customer interactions across various digital channels.

This is a bold move by Thrupoint, one of the early entrants and leaders in WebRTC deployments and solutions. By moving the software business, heavily focused on the next generation interaction opportunities created by WebRTC out from tight association with the services business, CafeX will enable a much greater adoption rate by third party developers and other services organizations.

In a recent TokBox sponsored survey of Web developers, more than 75 percent say WebRTC will be significant to their development efforts in the future. Both the corporate website and contact center markets will be dramatically changed by the explosion of direct integration of the corporate website with real-time human interactions. By moving the software product portion of the business away from the services, CafeX hopes to appeal to those users. In fact, prominent on the new website is the Juice Developer Program, targeted to adoption by the 10M plus JavaScript developers.

It was clear that Thrupoint sees this as a critical move, as current Thrupoint CEO Rami Musallam is moving to the same role in CafeX, to be replaced by board member Edward Hamburg. Musallam clearly sees that this new opportunity is the future: “Separating from the services business and creating CaféX Communications purely as a software company gives us the opportunity to be more specialized and agile. We can now focus our efforts on exciting use cases emerging in the customer experience management space, helping companies leverage what they already have to deliver frictionless cross-channel experiences to their customers,” he said.

Chris Vitek, principal in WebRTC Strategies, commented, "CafeX is positioning itself to be a major player in the emerging Interaction Experience 2.0 market. By combining websites, big data, and the multi-media capabilities of WebRTC, the customer experience will be transformed, resulting in lower costs and increased loyalty."

With this move, CafeX joins an ever increasing group of companies providing toolsets and capabilities to meet the integration challenges that WebRTC presents to developers. With WebRTC, clientless interactions using voice, video, text and data are possible, changing the customer experience in dramatic ways. The establishment of CafeX is a clear move to become a major player in this space and leader in the disruption that is coming. 

Thrupoint is a platinum sponsor of WebRTC Conference and Expo, taking place Nov. 19-21 in Santa Clara, Calif, where the company will also be keynoting on the impact of WebRTC and the customer relationship, and exhibiting at booth #303. The event provides networking, exhibiting and discussion opportunities related to business impacts of WebRTC and different areas of focus, such as standards, challenges, HTML5 and WebRTC, advanced techniques and development tools. Visit www.webrtcwold.com/conference to learn more.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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