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April 03, 2014

Keeping Business in Focus at WebRTC World Conference & Expo

A single-purpose event offers advantages for everyone involved.  I have participated in more shows than I care to count, of course, but in this case I recall one in which I manned a booth offering white-labeled SIP service on the tradeshow floor alongside vendors peddling a trading floor ticker monitor and an underground vault for outside telephone equipment. Standing there, it was so easy to work out that passersby who were interested in booths on either side of me were likely not the target for my solution.  

So what were the odds that anyone at that particular show was actually interested in my SIP solution?  Doing the math, it was apparent that the pie chart of interested parties was continually getting smaller and smaller. The WebRTC World Conference & Expo in Atlanta this June will make for bigger portions of the pie.  To be candid, in fact, it is hard to imagine a conversation at the show that will be without side benefits.  Customers and carriers, buyers and builders, sellers and seekers all will combine to make quite a fertile mix.

Google’s gift to the world with WebRTC goes beyond the codecs, delving deep into the robust nature of the business. WebRTC has already crossed the chasm as a technology and what it represents now is not a solution, but in effect a burgeoning community with plenty of room for innovation. In my case, I continually discover new services to build, but I really should not think of these as standalone services and should instead regard them as features and functions that can enhance almost any strategy.

WebRTC is like the universal communication API that anyone can use to expand and explore.  More importantly, it makes for a ready-now marketplace. Whether a vendor has made a standalone solution, augmented its existing service or enabled a developer community, WebRTC is most definitely ready now.

If I were only to go to one WebRTC-centric event, the solidarity of focus offered by WebRTC World Conference & Expo would represent the rare experience in which the talks and the tradeshow floor would both hold significant value to me. I would not have to pass the booth with the carrier plumbing to find the relevant opportunity.  No, all I need do is focus.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey
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