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April 08, 2014

WebRTC and the PSTN

Voxbone and Zingaya announced today that Zingaya’s VoxImplant, a real-time communication platform for mobile and Web app developers, will integrate with Voxbone for PSTN access through the Voxbone access into a variety of worldwide carriers and the PSTN.  As the Zingaya platform incudes WebRTC capabilities and a full Web API, this is yet another step on how WebRTC can be used to provide a complete communications system including PSTN access.

VoxImplant is a cloud service and enables organizations and their developers to rapidly prototype and implement advanced communications solutions.  A view of the feature set shows that it include a wide set of capabilities and future enhancements like conferencing and ACD will enable the platform to deliver a rich feature set to build advanced applications on.  VoxImplant provides voice and video communication services for many types of applications including softphones, click-to-call, automated surveys, cloud contact center or PBX, cloud IVR, call tracking and much more.  

The Voxbone access adds the wide range of direct country SPTN/DID connections, including toll-free access.  Voxbone has one of the widest ranges of covered access with direct relationships and the ability to provide specific DIDs in over 50 countries.

This relationship emphasizes the emerging challenge, especially for enterprises, but also for new services players in the telecommunications and contact center space. With WebRTC and emerging Web APIs, a new choice is rapidly emerging: Use a complete vendor service for a traditional vendor like Avaya, Cisco or Genesys, or develop a tailored implementation using these advanced components. 

While the telecom group may see an extension of the existing telecom solution as the right path, the Web team may see using these technologies, directly integrated to the website and eCommerce as a faster and more powerful solution. This new challenge is something that all enterprises must understand and decide on.

This area will be a major focus of the Enterprise Track at WebRTC Conference & Expo in Atlanta, June 17-19, an event that any business with a strong Web and contact center presence needs to attend.  As organizations plan for 2015 and the integration of WebRTC and webified communications into their communications and collaboration solutions, this consideration of evolution versus revolution in vendors and implementations is a critical consideration.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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