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May 14, 2014

Will Temasys Become the Adobe of WebRTC?

The conversations I have been having about WebRTC lately seem to be about the browser wars, which is not exactly exciting to me. I recognize that Google had reasons for laying this path and that Microsoft and Apple both had reasons not to.

That said, last week I spoke about the fact that the lack of cooperation made the role of the session border controller more valuable. If you need to mix, which you may have to do anyway just to support H.264 on mobile devices, session border controllers serve the purpose and can add in other qualities as well such as security, recording and quality.           

At the end of the piece I asked if this is really what Google wanted or was it an unintended consequence of their position.

Now comes news that Temasys has developed a plugin for IE and Safari.

I give Temasys a lot credit for making this “fully functional and requires minimal customization to be incorporated into existing WebRTC solutions. “

In effect, what it has done is become the Adobe of WebRTC with this plugin.  Like Adobe’s Flash, we now have a way to see (and hear) things beyond the specifications of the browser.

Now comes the question that Microsoft and Apple have to ask themselves about the edge.  Is this a consequence they are willing to accept by not working with Google? In other words, does the addition of this plugin change their strategy about HTML5 and the use of <media>?

I know they expected this could happen, the question is, “When does it become a problem?”

In some ways, I think the question becomes, “Will Temasys find itself in the position of being Adobe?”

The plugin (in binary) is available here.

Temasys wants developers and other interested parties to email [email protected]. The company plans to support the system and is working on making the plugin ready for requirements that match the enterprise.

Temasys started as VaaS enabler and it has lived up to that goal in delivering this plugin. 

The next step is in the hands of the development community. I find many applications very accepting of being a closed network of interested parties. WebRTC interoperability is not a concern to many. Adoption of Temasys’s plugin maybe a sign that the goal of end to end is alive and well.  

Edited by Rachel Ramsey
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