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May 21, 2014

Decision Point: To IMS or Not

For service providers with a major investment in IMS, the decision about how to implement WebRTC is a challenge. On one hand, integrating WebRTC with your existing IMS-based solution allows the use of all of the IMS management and integrated boiling systems. This makes the deployment of a basic WebRTC addition to IMS a relatively simple proposition. On the other hand, there is a common belief that WebRTC opens the doors to significant innovations and change.

With a number of companies announcing WebRTC-based OTT solutions, it is clear that there will be a new round of competition for the communications control and services in the webified world.  The challenge is that the very IMS platforms that enable easy integration to existing systems may limit innovation and the ability to effectively complete with these emerging OTT services.  For service providers, the question is whether this will go the way of the homepage, email, search engines, and other web components and move away from the traditional service provider.

At the upcoming WebRTC Conference & Expo in Atlanta, June 17-19, this will be a key topic.  On Thursday morning there is an extended panel focused on the issues around this decision.  The session will start with Russ Coffin of Huawei presenting the value of IMS integration and Doug Tait of Oracle presenting the case for delivering WebRTC solutions outside of the IMS platforms.  This will be followed by a panel discussion, including both Coffin and Tait as well as Graham Holt of Daitan Labs and Mike Trank of Apex Voice.  This panel will have a diverse view and lively discussion, from large companies to smaller, from equipment manufacturers to integration contractors. 

This session promises to be a lively session and is critical for all service providers developing a strategy to manage the changes that WebRTC and the webification of communications brings to the market and their overall solutions and architectures.  Find out more about all of the content in the conference and how you can better understand your options and the potential impact on your business and your customers.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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