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November 28, 2012

Vidtel First to Introduce WebRTC to Enterprise Video Conferencing

Vidtel today introduced a leading-edge addition to its gateway service while forwarding the capabilities of WebRTC. Put simply, the service now has the built-in ability to connect WebRTC-enabled browsers to enterprise video conferencing infrastructure.

This makes Vidtel the first to enable communication from WebRTC browser to third-party video conferencing infrastructure, such as Vidtel's own MeetMe service.

WebRTC is an emerging standard for real-time communications in Web browsers. It is powered by HTML5, allowing direct embedding of voice and video into Web browsers without the need for additional plugins.

WebRTC is secure and anonymous, garnering it much attention from tech and telecommunications companies.

While initially only browser-to-browser communication was available, Vidtel has now made it possible for anyone to open a browser and enter into a video conferencing session with enterprise system using SIP or H.323, in addition to standard Web or client-bases system such as Skype, Google Talk or other WebRTC endpoints.

"Vidtel just made WebRTC an option for every video solution out there," said Dave Michels, principal analyst at TalkingPointz. "Vidtel was already a leader in interconnecting video islands, but this solution will open video silos to just about every desktop, tablet, and mobile device with a browser. The service effectively integrates the hype and promise of WebRTC with established video solutions."

Vidtel's announcement was delivered at the WebRTC Conference & Expo in San Francisco California, where significant WebRTC announcements are being made left and right. Earlier today, Acme Packet also announced a WebRTC first, completing the first successful demonstration of a WebRTC-enabled browser calling a mobile network subscriber over a multivendor IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) network and a session border controller (SBC).

Both of these are significant steps forward for WebRTC, allowing it to realize its full potential in reshaping Web-based video and audio communications.

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Edited by Braden Becker
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