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February 01, 2013

AddLive Gives WebRTC a Boost

WebRTC is still in its youth, but emerging quickly. At this point, I doubt I have to say much about what it can do, but here’s a quick refresher: WebRTC stands for “Web Real Time Communications,” and basically provides high quality video and audio communication across web browsers without discrimination. If you’re still struggling with WebRTC support, AddLive API is a helpful tool for making real time communications easier.

AddLive is a service that’s made to help WebRTC by providing support for non-WebRTC browsers, as well as native applications, multi-party conferencing, and so on. In other words, it extends the capabilities of WebRTC to not only browsers that aren’t made for it, but to applications outside of web browsers.

While WebRTC is primarily a one-on-one video experience, AddLive can also allow conferences with multiple parties, as well as other features such as screen sharing. It also provides a JavaScript API, with which users can include live audio and video in their online applications.

Of course, this isn’t a replacement for WebRTC (it’s not even a standard yet, it’s way too soon to be thinking about what comes next), but more of a WebRTC supplement to make it even better. Everything that WebRTC can do, AddLive can help make better. It provides easy WebRTC usage for all web browsers, which is fortunate for users of Internet Explorer, or basically any browsers other than Chrome and Firefox. This will in turn help make WebRTC more widespread and accessible, helping create a truly universal experience.

There’s no doubt that WebRTC will have a transformative effect on real time communications; so many companies have invested considerable time and money into it that anything else would be shocking. There’s still a struggle over which version will be the standard that everyone follows, but once that technology war ends, the true innovation can begin. Now AddLive is helping provide that same effect to those on the outskirts, which should prove helpful to the spread and adoption of WebRTC.

Edited by Carlos Olivera
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