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06/24/2013 FreeSWITCH Selects Flowroute for PSTN-WebRTC Interoperability
06/14/2013 AGT Previews New Video Conferencing Solutions
06/11/2013 Blue Jeans Launches Version 2.0
05/22/2013 WebRTC Reaches 1B Endpoints
05/09/2013 Visual Communication Industry Group to Discuss Desktop Videoconferencing
05/07/2013 Blue Jeans Intros 'All You Can Meet' Plan
04/04/2013 Vidtel Talks WebRTC at ITEXPO Miami
03/25/2013 Are You Ready for WebRTC?
03/18/2013 Plantronics Supports Contextual Awareness and WebRTC
03/13/2013 Vidtel and Compunetix Partner to Provide Video Collaboration to WebRTC
02/20/2013 Predicting and Preparing for WebRTC
02/19/2013 WebRTC's Potential and Future
02/12/2013 Layer 7 and Voxeo Create Joint Solution for API Creation and Management
02/08/2013 Technologies in UC to Watch Out For
02/01/2013 AddLive Gives WebRTC a Boost
01/31/2013 BCS Global Indicates a Good Year for Video Collaboration
01/31/2013 Shango and Vidtel Join Forces
01/30/2013 Vidtel Embraces WebRTC
01/23/2013 UberConference Integrates Box and Evernote
01/22/2013 Microsoft Open Tech Launches HTML5 WebRTC Prototype
01/21/2013 Cisco Jabber on Virtual Desktops
01/21/2013 Microsoft Shows Off Its WebRTC Standard
01/21/2013 gUM on Firefox Aurora -- First API Component of WebRTC
01/15/2013 Microsoft Lync Offers Enterprise-Ready UC Platform
01/08/2013 WebRTC Growing with Help from Vidtel
12/11/2012 WebRTC 101
12/10/2012 SureVoIP Takes Up Drum Web Meeting Solution
11/29/2012 WebRTC and Conferencing
11/29/2012 WebRTC: Delivering WebRTC in Service Providers, OTT, and Websites
11/29/2012 WebRTC Google Keynote
11/29/2012 WebRTC and 4G LTE


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