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February 27, 2013

Sansay & Plivo Offer New, Powerful Cloud Communications Platform

Sansay is a widely recognized name in session border controllers (SBC), but with the larger SBC market being as competitive as it is, retaining such recognition is the kind of thing that must be earned with constant diligence and development. To that end, Sansay recently completed new interoperability testing with Plivo to create a new and exciting set of options for those looking for a new round of SBCs.

Sansay's newfound interoperability with Plivo gives Sansay devices the ability to easily work with the cloud communication functions and messaging services offered by Plivo. This will allow the newly-minted coalition to pursue not only over the top (OTT) markets, but also the growing market for Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) in voice and video alike.

Under the arrangement, Sansay's SBCs will provide the necessary security features to ensure privacy on the calls, as well as the various technical aspects of such communications like packet header manipulations, transcoding and call routing. Meanwhile, Plivo will be serving as more of a face-forward sort of functionality, serving as the API platform from which several major VoIP applications--hosted PBX messaging, call recording, WebRTC and several others--can be introduced.

Sansay and Plivo's offering will be looking to go after a market that's hurting for scalability, bringing so-called "pay as you grow" pricing structures to bear on the market and giving potential users a wide variety of options in terms of just how many services the users actually go with, and how much they pay for said services. There are even some new options for previous Sansay and Plivo clients thanks to the new interoperability between the two systems, including giving those with Sansay equipment new access to the services offered by Plivo, as well as providing a sound retail option and options for those getting into the market for the first time.

Sansay's CEO, Andy Voss, further described the benefits of the Sansay-Plivo alliance, saying, "Not only does the Sansay-Plivo partnership simplify go-to-market production environments, it also brings more powerful services to market faster. This partnership gives Sansay operators a real leg up in the marketplace – letting them launch innovative new services more quickly and at more competitive price points than operators using traditional 'big iron' infrastructure."

WebRTC is a rapidly growing platform. With new advances emerging from major names like Cisco, Mozilla, Google and several others, it's not surprising to see that somewhat smaller firms are looking to get in on the action themselves. There's certainly enough room in the market, and when a quality product comes along like the one from the Sansay / Plivo coalition seems to be, there will likely prove to be no shortage of interested buyers looking for an easy, cost effective way to take advantage of the various features and functions offered by WebRTC.

Edited by Brooke Neuman
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