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May 20, 2013

Daitan Group: WebRTC is More About How Businesses Will Use it Than the Technology Itself

WebRTC enables people to communicate with each other over an Internet browser with no requirements to download any software, application or browser plug-in. Imagine Skype, but without having to download it. It has been touted by many as a game changer and a disruptive technology for communications, but why?

We recently caught up with Marcio Saito, VP of Marketing at Daitan Group, a software developer for the communications industry, who explained that WebRTC is garnering so much attention because it lets developers use real-time communications features and apply them in creative ways, without being encumbered by proprietary applications, devices and operating systems.

“It is more about business and less about the technology itself,” Saito said. There are already applications that deliver the basic promise of WebRTC; peer-to-peer communications and real-time voice, video and data sharing. WebRTC sets itself apart from these apps by the potential it offers to get creative and change mainstream communications among businesses and consumers alike.

WebRTC provides a common channel for peer-to-peer communication, which in turn reduces the need for people to maintain traditional PSTN lines. It enables people to call their friends, coworkers and family over the Internet to share video, voice and data, but without the need for integration with other technologies.

“The promise of WebRTC is phenomenal, but we should not underestimate the challenges ahead. We should not expect large number of users until interoperability and availability across all platforms becomes reality,” Saito said.

These challenges include de facto standardization and ubiquitous availability – Chrome, Mozilla and Opera are delivering initial implementations of WebRTC but Internet Explorer and Safari don’t support it. Saito explains that WebRTC will not be successful without getting support from all major browsers, and to accelerate the growth of WebRTC adoption, the responsibility lies in the hands of developers to create compelling, interesting applications.

Saito also explains that while WebRTC allows for communication without the need for integration or plug-ins, for more sophisticated commercial use such as multiparty conferences and calls to users with PSTN, calls will need to go through a gateway. SIP is likely to continue to be the predominant control plane when it comes to those situations.

Daitan serves some of the top communication service and solution providers and works with them to develop new software offerings. It is taking advantage of the WebRTC opportunity to help evolve the communications market in the transition from PSTN/TDM to IP-based technology, helping vendors to cross technology bridges. For example, it helps develop software for video conferencing platforms, cloud-based communication systems, mobile apps and more as its customers’ requirements have started to include support for WebRTC.

“For our customers, support for WebRTC in business applications is an opportunity for differentiation in the short term. Long-term, WebRTC offers the possibility to reach a much larger audience without requiring any special infrastructure on the client device, creating opportunity for application innovation and broader markets,” Saito said. “By pioneering implementation in business applications, we help our development partners to embrace the technology faster and accelerate its application in real-world solutions.”

To learn about some of the other opportunities WebRTC offers, the WebRTC Conference and Expo will feature educational resources, panel discussions and product demonstrations for industry professionals and developers. Topics will cover the business impacts of WebRTC, key tools for development and integration, advanced techniques for developing WebRTC solutions and standards.

Edited by Jamie Epstein
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