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May 31, 2013

Requestec's WebRTC-enabled Gateway Now Available

For those companies in the health and financial enterprises fields who are looking for a new way to put Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) into play, Requestec's recent plans to add WebRTC functionality to its Zenon IP Communications Gateway likely came as good news. Now, those plans have reached fruition and Requestec looks to ship out that newly modified gateway for users. The gateway includes a lot of extra value for those looking to get WebRTC into a standard work day.

The new gateway offers quite a bit of power for users, including a new MCU that allows WebRTC, SIP, and Flash RTMFP endpoints to be conferenced together in a variety of layouts. Better, these layouts can be controlled either remotely or controlled by whoever is talking at the time. Video is only transcoded as needed, meaning that the overall impact on the system is much less than with other systems, and a variety of bit-rate adaptation mechanisms are put to use to further optimize the system.

Both scalable video coding (SVC) and a lower quality feed are available depending on the system, which allows systems with SVC to exercise it, while those using a browser-based video conferencing system that doesn't need a plugin ensuring that a wider number of users are sufficiently accommodated. Conferences can be saved as mp4 files, and for those wanting to provide the outcome of said conference to other users, the conferences can also reportedly be streamed to any media server or individual device.

While video conferencing is clearly front and center with this new design, it's not going to be coming in alone. The platform will also provide support for billing, document creation, address book profile functions and several other critical systems that a lot of businesses use daily, and often come in particularly handy during those conferences. Developers, meanwhile, get plenty of extra help in the form of both client and server APIs, as well as a host of HTML5 clients from which to choose for both iOS and Android, as well as for the Web itself.

As impressive as that array of developments is, it's not the end of the road for Requestec, who, via a spokesperson, offered the information that Requestec is currently hard at work on some "world first" projects, including a couple that have gone live already. These projects include a bank with the ability to offer live video meetings for customers, and giving healthcare organizations the ability to use video in contact with patients.

Requestec will be offering demonstrations of its new platform in the coming weeks, including heading to Vienna, Germany, for the G-Force Event put on by Genesys running June 11-13, and then also at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta for the WebRTC Conference and Expo June 25-27.

It's clear that Requestec is offering up a pretty robust platform here for users, and for developers as well. With live demos set to hit large portions of the world in the coming weeks, it's likely that Requestec will field a lot of interest for its newly-released gateway. With a lot of functions being offered here, it should cover a lot of companies' needs, and make Requestec's line of offerings a very attractive option.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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