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June 25, 2013

Firefox 22 Brings Full WebRTC Support

Keeping up with its schedule of frequent Firefox updates, Mozilla Corporation has released Firefox 22 a little over a month after the release of version 21. Version 22 of Firefox is only available via Mozilla's main FTP server at the moment and, as such, the release's full change log is not yet available.

However, ZDNet is speculating that we may finally see full-on support for WebRTC in a stable release of Firefox, based on the browser's most recent beta release. This means that users not willing to ride the bleeding edge should be able to make browser-based WebRTC video calls from Firefox.

This has been a long time coming as WebRTC support first turned up in Firefox's Nightly and Aurora builds, which offer a peak at features not yet available in even beta builds, back in November.

The other significant feature expected in Firefox 22 is OdinMonkey, which was a prominent part of Firefox's most recent beta build and has been confirmed for the final release. OdinMonkey is an optimization module that boosts performance of Firefox's JavaScript engine.

This module was at the heart of the demo of Unreal Engine 3 running on HTML5 in Firefox last month. Produced through a joint effort by Epic Games and Mozilla, the demo was the Unreal Engine 3 Epic Citadel Demo, used to showcase Unreal Engine on Android and iOS devices, ported to WebGL, JavaScript and HTML5. Running purely on Web technologies, the demo was apparently able to run even on older PC hardware at 138 frames per second with a resolution of 1920 x 1200.

Other highlights from Firefox 22 include support for Windows machines with high resolution displays over HiDiPi, a new Web Notification API, and an update to the browser's built-in HTML5 audio and video player that allows users to modify playback speed.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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