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July 02, 2013

Requestec Takes Home WebRTC Conference & Expo's 'Ready Now' Award

For those who attended the WebRTC Conference & Expo, which recently concluded in Atlanta, Ga., there were product demonstrations and introductions aplenty to be had. So when one of those products manages to land an award, it's certainly something worth paying attention to. Requestec pulled off just such a feat, taking home a prize for having the solution most ready to go to market, the Ready Now award.

Requestec's Ready Now award came amid some stiff competition. Fully 37 different companies squared off in friendly competition, showing ideas off for a panel of judges as well as an audience of voters. But Requestec's product had a particular edge, according to Ben Weekes, Requestec's co-founder and CTO: it was the only one in the lineup that could handle Adobe's Flash telephony protocol known as Real-Time Media Flow Protocol (RTMFP), geared toward Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) applications.

With RTMFP, according to Weekes, Requestec can offer up calling services, as well as conferencing and even call recording, across several different browsers, and it can do so immediately. This is an especially welcome solution for those who use iOS and Android, as well as Internet Explorer and Safari desktop browsers, as Requestec has essentially provided a solution usable by most anyone, regardless of what kind of browser is being used.

Requestec used a gateway not connected to the Internet for its demonstration, which allowed the company to show off its complete control over DNS, TURN, and STUN components, as well as no external dependencies. This actually allows the Requestec system to be used on several different fronts that value high security, like ISO27001, HIPAA, and even military applications. Those interested in checking out Requestec's award-winning product line can go directly to Requestec's website, where demos are on hand to check out, or watch the video below.

PKE Consulting's Phil Edholm described some of the reasons Requestec took home the honors it did, saying, “Requestec received the Getting Real With WebRTC Ready Now award because the demo was a mature implementation of WebRTC, it operated well, and was based on real-world implementations for specific vertical applications. By extending existing video capabilities with WebRTC, Requestec is enhancing the customer experience.”

The field of WebRTC itself is making a lot of major gains as the technology approaches a time where it's likely to be in wide use. Several applications are currently on hand, and as more of same arrive, it's only going to get more frequently used. Companies like Requestec are showing us, firsthand, how this new technology is shaping up to change the way we talk to people, both as near as the same town and as far away as different countries. There's a lot going on in this market, and what's to come is a matter only time can tell. But it's likely to be pretty impressive when it does arrive.

Edited by Alisen Downey


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