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July 08, 2013

Requestec CEO Says 'Yes' to Next WebRTC Expo

Web-based real-time communications (WebRTC) completely expands the accessibility of the communication platform and has begun to change the way that the world communicates, making it possible for companies like Requestec to increase the quality of audio and video platforms.

Requestec provides video calling, conferencing and IVR software solutions, most notably through its product The Zenon IP Communications Gateway, which allows users to connect on the Web and on iOS and Android devices.

At the second WebRTC Conference and Expo hosted by TMC in Atlanta, Ga., Requestec was able to show off its two new products that it has recently added to its resume: the world’s first video customer service for Akbank and its turnkey video contact solution Saypage that it is rolling out for the United Kingdom’s National Health Service.

Image via Requestec

“Unlike other products, we enable high quality voice & video communications between users regardless of the web browser they are using; they don’t need to be restricted to using Chrome, or soon Firefox,” says Marek Zwiefka-Sibley, CEO Requestec. “For Internet Explorer and Safari users we offer a Flash client which can communicate with people using WebRTC. We also make it possible for iOS and Android app users to communicate with WebRTC endpoints.”

Requestec was also the proud receiver of the “Ready Now” award at the event, which TMC found to be the most ready solution for the market. “We thought the show went extremely well and were happy to see that momentum seems to be building in general,” says Zwiefka-Sibley. “Of all the awards, ‘most ready’ was the one we most wanted to win.”

Other awards included “Best WebRTC Tool,” which was awarded to OpenTok, TokBox’s platform that makes it easy to develop and manage commercial face-to-face applications for embedding in any website or service.

As far as the next WebRTC show, Zwiefka-Sibley says that he would gladly attend it again, as all businesses that communicate with customers and users could benefit from WebRTC either now or in the future.

As far as the future of WebRTC, Zwiefka-Sibley thinks that it needs to be combined with Flash UDP in order to gain widespread traction. Until Microsoft and Apple step up to the standard (which they might never do) having to rely on users to use or indeed install a certain WebRTC-enabled browser will limit its potential.

For those interested in learning about its award-winning product line can go directly to Requestec's website.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey
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