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July 25, 2013

FACEmeeting Preview Now Live, with Beta to Come in the Fall

Due to the excitement surrounding WebRTC, as well as the fact that it's open source, it's likely the market will see a number of competing platforms hit the market over the coming months. One of the fresher faces making its debut is FACEmeeting, which introduced a preview demonstration of its platform recently.

FACEmeeting is a next generation, WebRTC-based video communications platform that aims to deliver high-quality, reliable online meetings in a face-to-face environment. To do so, the company claims to use WebRTC "in one of the most advanced implementations to date."

The preview demonstration of the platform allows users to experience all that FACEmeeting has to offer currently, namely high-quality video and stability, before the full beta release becomes available, with advanced capabilities, later this year.

"FACEmeeting is the ultimate next generation communications and collaboration platform, providing high resolution video without downloads. The goal is a quick, simple, one-click meeting without compromising quality" said Jason Fedore, founder of FACEmeeting.

Since FACEmeeting is still in its infancy, it doesn't have much to differentiate itself from competing WebRTC-based offerings such as Bistri. However, a slick interface and WebRTC Test feature, which lets users quickly check if their browser supports WebRTC, do set FACEmeeting apart somewhat.

Meanwhile, FACEmeeting is quick to remind potential users that the latest versions Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox for the desktop are guaranteed to offer WebRTC capabilities. If using one of these browsers, users then need to enter host and participant e-mail addresses, at which point invitations are sent and browser-based video collaboration can begin.

As with any client or plug-in-based video chat service, the quality of the meeting is dependent on participants' devices, with an HD camera necessary for full fidelity potential.

The FACEmeeting Beta is expected to launch in the fall, but visitors to the FACEmeeting website can register to be invited to participate as soon as the beta is made available. The beta will bring new features and capabilities to the platform, such as contact integration, calendar integration, advanced identity management and screen/document sharing.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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