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August 07, 2013

iotum Updates Calliflower Conferencing with WebRTC-Enabled SIP Client

Those using iotum's Calliflower conferencing service may notice some new enhancements. In particular, these enhancements largely serve to clean up the service's interface, but there is significant new functionality included as well, in the form of a WebRTC-enabled native SIP client called Calliflower Connect.

Calliflower has gone through a number of updates since its release back in 2008. Indeed, even in its inaugural year, iotum's conferencing service received mobile functionality via an iPhone app. More recently, the company's acquisition of California-based Global Conference Partners, provider of FreeConference.com and other teleconferencing services, allowed it to expand Calliflower.

Today's updates, meanwhile, are something of a refinement to the service, helping to improve both its form and function, according to iotum president and CEO Jason Martin.

"Adding this tool allows participants to call directly into Calliflower meetings through their WebRTC-enabled Google Chrome or Firefox browsers," Martin said in a statement. "The availability of WebRTC means Calliflower users will see access via Skype nearing the end of life later this year, as WebRTC access will be providing a richer and more complete experience."

Indeed, the addition of WebRTC support serves to make Calliflower more or less future proof if the technology has as significant an impact on the communications market as a recent Dialogic survey would suggest.

For the time being, initiating conference calls via a compatible Web browser — currently the latest versions of either Chrome or Firefox — is as simple as hitting the Calliflower Connect button. Of course, users can still use their phone to call in, according to Martin.

"These enhancements continue to position Calliflower as a next-generation tool that straddles the Web and classic telecommunications conference calls," he said. "At iotum, we want to facilitate bringing people together regardless of the tools they use to get together. This is another step in that direction."

As for the other updates to Calliflower, they largely aim to address user requests and include a smoother, simpler interface.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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