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September 16, 2013

Ondello Packs in More WebRTC Features with New Platform Upgrade

It was only recently that we got word directly from the folks at Ondello about some augmentations to the Ondello platform, which provided users with a variety of requested features. Now, Ondello's back with fresh word about a whole new slate of updates to accompany the ones brought out just recently that satisfy other requests the company received, and the field of Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) is about to get a fresh shot of value from the revamped Ondello platform.

The first new addition to the Ondello Platform is that of custom e-mail templates sent by the Events Service. Those wanting to modify outgoing e-mail to include special touches like colors or marketing-based features like branding or certain bits of text, can now do so thanks to these new updates. The only caveats involved in the new custom templates are that the e-mail in question must remain an HTML e-mail, and that the Ondello team actually does the heavy lifting in terms of applying the changes; the custom templates option is not a self-service affair.

Ondello also rolled out a set of meeting room options, making the meeting room itself a complete white label affair, allowing individual firms to customize features such as primary and secondary logo placement—previously only the Ondello logo could be primary, at last report—and the background image. With these changes, the Ondello platform can be a complete white-label WebRTC system, waiting only for specific branding modifications.

While these changes may sound minor, even just cosmetic—especially in light of the previous set of changes that Ondello brought into play like greater speed in establishing a connection or doubling screen sharing resolution—said changes are still likely welcome to those users who want to modify outgoing messages or the look of a meeting room to match overall corporate schemes.

What's particularly noteworthy here is the speed at which Ondello's bringing out the updates; we last talked Ondello updates on Sept. 5 and now here's a fresh batch two weeks later. While the likelihood of bi-weekly updates from Ondello continuing into the future is actually pretty slim, there's no denying that Ondello is doing what it can to keep the updates flowing and responding to requests from the user base as rapidly and as completely as possible. That's a clear sign that Ondello values its user base, and a sign that—should a user find something missing that should be in place, or something less than useful that could stand removing or retooling—Ondello is ready to modify its platform accordingly. Additionally, we have more videos about not only WebRTC, but also on other topics, available for users to check out at this link.

Those using Ondello should, therefore, have plenty of trust in Ondello's product line, and those not already using Ondello may want to more closely investigate the offerings from same.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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