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October 25, 2013

Excitement Brews with New Built-in WebRTC

Vodia Networks rolled out a WebRTC – or Web-based real-time communications -- system as part of its ONE IP-PBX product line. The IP-PBX is a very small device that supports up to 20 extensions and has many telephone features. A telephony system with built-in WebRTC has a number of advantages for consumers. 

Benefits of Click-to-Call 

Placing a “talk” button on a website makes it easier for customers to contact support or sales. If the “talk” option is part of the website, consumers will be more likely to talk to a representative immediately – and the company will close more sales. However, having to look up a phone number and then dial it inserts a delay in which they may decide not to call. If they must sleep on the decision, they may not decide to buy. Reaching a representative through WebRTC increases the odds that a website will be able to sell related or higher value services to a customer. This improves sales and overall profits.

Vodia’s Technology 

The snom IP-PBX by Vodia now comes with built-in WebRTC. This simplifies the implementation of a click-to-talk function. Customers can gain WebRTC while upgrading their VoIP networks, or installing the more energy efficient snom IP-PBX.

Vodia’s choice of Hostedi.am has a number of advantages for small businesses that want to use its WebRTC. Hostedi.am states that customers can keep their own phone number. This saves companies the time and cost of changing Web banners, billboards and business cards.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Real-Time Communications 

Cloud-based WebRTC allows companies to set up 24x7 tech support and conferencing technology. Cloud-based WebRTC can lower telephony costs. Hostedi.am offers free on-net calls from computers or cell phones. This lowers communication costs in addition to the benefits of implementing a RTC system.

Hostedi.am’s communication costs are half that of traditional call center charges. Due to scalability, firms using Vodia’s WebRTC will be able to save money regardless of the size of their roll out and alter their service plan at will.

By purchasing Vodia’s snom IP-PBX, the consumer retains the ability to scale their services and manage their costs when implementing WebRTC. Upgrading to the new IP-PBX with built-in WebRTC will lower energy costs and probably improve company sales.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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